Linux basic Commands-logoff, shutdown, reboot

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One, logout, shutdown, restart

Unregister the system's logout command

1,logout Logout is the relative operation of landing, after the landing system, to leave the system, the user simply issued the Logout command can be:

[Root@localhost Root] #logout

Red Hat linuxrelease 9 (shike)

Kernel on a i686

Login:← back to the landing screen

2, shutdown or reboot of the shutdown command

The shutdown command shuts down all programs and restarts or shuts down according to the needs of the user.

The parameter description is as follows:

L Shutdown immediately:-H parameter let the system shut down immediately. Examples are as follows:

[root@localhost Root] #shutdown –h now← requires the system to shut down immediately

l Specifies the shutdown time: The time parameter specifies when to shut down, or how long to run the shutdown command, as follows:

[root@localhost Root] #shutdown now← shut down immediately

[root@localhost Root] #shutdown +5←5 minutes after shutdown

[root@localhost Root] #shutdown 10:30← shutdown at 10:30

L Auto reboot after shutdown:-r parameter setting shutdown and reboot. Examples are as follows:

[Root@localhost Root] #shutdown-R now← immediately shut down the system and reboot

[Root@localhost Root] #shutdown-R 23:59← Specifies to reboot at 23:59

3, restart the computer's reboot command

As the name suggests, the reboot command is used to reboot the system. The commonly used parameters are as follows:

L-f parameter: Shut down the system and restart the computer directly if you do not run off of the normal program.

L-i: Turns off all network interfaces before restarting.

Although the reboot command has an argument to use, it is generally only necessary to run the reboot command alone.

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