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Cat is a text file viewing and linking tool, if you want to view all the contents of a file, it is convenient to use cat + file name

1、cat 用来查看文件内容。    如:[[email protected] home]#  cat test01                    Hello World!2、cat的一些常用用法。    -A, (--show-all  会把有空行的和转行末尾加个 $ 显示出来)如:  [[email protected] home]# cat -A test01            12346789$            123456789$            123$            $            456$            $            789$    -b,( --number-nonblank  对非空输出行编号)    [[email protected] home]# cat -b test01 1  12346789 2  123456789 3  123 4  456 5  789    -e (--show-ends 在每行结束处显示 $)    -E, (--show-ends 在每行结束处显示 $)    -n,( --number 对输出的所有行编号)    -s, (--squeeze-blank 不输出多行空行)    -t ,(-T, --show-tabs 将跳 字符显示为 ^I)    -u 跟直接cat + 查询文件名 ,效果一样如:[[email protected] home]# cat -u test01 效果跟 cat test01一样                    12346789                    123456789                    123                    456                    789    --help (显示此帮助信息并离开)如:[[email protected] home]# cat --help

2, Cat has the ability to create files, after creating the file, to end with EOF or stop

[Email protected] home]# cat>a.txt >>eof Note: Create a a.txt file;

Hello world! Note: This is the writing to the A.txt file;
EOF Note: Exit edit State;

[email protected] home]# Cat a.txt Note: View the contents of A.txt

Tip: Cat can also append content to a file that already exists connect the contents of multiple files and output to a new file;

There are a.txt, B.tx and C.txt, and the contents are as follows;
[email protected] home]# cat A.txt
I am testing

  [[email protected] home]# cat B.txt world! China Beinan tested [[email protected] Home        ]# Cat C.txt I am Chinese. If the three file contents of A.txt, B.txt and C.txt are connected and exported to a new file D.txt, then we can use Cat Note: The principle is to connect the contents of three files, then create the D.txt file, and write the connected content simultaneously        The D.txt. Tip: If you want to enter a D.txt file that is an already existing content, this will erase the contents of the D.txt (that is, the content is just a concatenation of the contents of the A,b,c.txt file).                                        [[email protected] home]# cat a.txt b.txt c.txt > d.txt[[email protected] home]# cat D.txt Hello Love I am testi                                        Ng world! China Beinan tested I am Chinese.  

If you use cat to append one or more existing file contents to an existing file
[email protected] home]# cat E.txt
I Love Chia.

[[email protected] home]#  cat a.txt b.txt   c.txt  >>  e.txt[[email protected] home]# t e.txt                                        I love Chia.                                        Hello                                        love                                        i am testing                                        World!                                        China                                        BeiNan Tested                                        I am Chinese.

Note: Through the above, we want to understand:


> is an additional
Don't get mixed up.


Linux Cat Usage Moe New learning Path (1)

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