Linux cent OS 7 service management and firewall configuration

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1 Service Management:

View all services started: Systemctl list-units--type=service

Show list of services: Systemctl List-unit-files

Description of the value:

Enable: Boot up. Was SYSTEMD enabled, that is, SYSTEMD has loaded it into memory. At this time Systemd knew (know) it

Disable: Disable boot start. is not enabled, that is, the unit is not loaded into memory by SYSTEMD, at this time it is just a text file

Static: The unit file does not use the install item, it can not be set to boot.

Masked: Similar to lock, at this time the unit can not be started anyway.

Displays the current status of a service: Systemctl status Crond.service

Shows if a service is Active:systemctl is-active Crond.service

Stop a service: Systemctl stop Crond.service

Start a service: Systemctl start Crond.service

Restart a service: Systemctl restart Crond.service

Prohibit a service from starting: Systemctl disable Crond.service

Allow a service to start from: Systemctl Enable Crond.service

Check if a service is booting: Systemctl is-enabled crond.service

2 Firewall Management:

Installation: Yum Install Firewalld

Start: Systemctl start Firewalld.service

Stop: Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service

Disable self-booting: Systemctl Disable Firewalld.service

View current detailed status: Systemctl status Firewalld.service

Display Status: Firewall-cmd--state

Open port: Firewall-cmd--zone=public--add-port=80/tcp--permanent(--permanent parameter means permanent, otherwise it will expire after reboot)

Delete port: Firewall-cmd--zone=public--remove-port=23/tcp--permanent

Reload: Firewall-cmd--reload

Show open Services and ports: Firewall-cmd--list-all

Get all supported services: Firewall-cmd--get-services

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Linux cent OS 7 service management and firewall configuration

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