Linux Character Manipulation Interface basics

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1. How to set up the system to start directly into the character working mode, the system provides multiple virtual consoles, the default 6, using ALT+F1 to ALT+F6 switch, the graphical interface can press CTRL+ALT+F1 to CTRL+ALT+F6 switch to the character interface, ctrl+alt+ F7 can be switched back to the graphical interface.

2.linux case-sensitive, Logout logoff, in order to be safe, generally do not use root login, preferably with ordinary user login, Su switch to root operation special operation

3.SSH remote login, Linux must open openssh, Format SSH remote username @ip address or FQDN, log on logout log off after login, windows with Putty Login

4. System operation level, there are 6

Character interface, you can use the STARTX & switch to the graphical interface

RunLevel View the current run level

init [123456] Toggle Run level

5. Shutdown and reboot,

Shutdown parameter:-T delay the number of seconds before running level switch

-K, send only messages, not shutdown,-R reboot. -H shutdown and stop system-F reboot without fsck to detect hard drive,-f reboot and detect hard drive

Reboot reboot

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