Linux Chinese garbled this big pit

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With the locale check should be no Chinese language pack, the multi-party ask is to modify the environment variable is a way, but to find files still have to restart trouble is useless this way

Use lang= "Zh_cn GB2312" to set the default language to Chinese, (zh is Chinese, CN denotes mainland, followed by character set)

You can then use the Echo $LANG to see the current locale of the system.

But with putty or Chinese garbled, and then Baidu Utf-8 the character set to the bottom of the use of the font encode, and then the appearance of the font is set to support the Chinese font, the script to gb2312, test normal

I don't see any problems.

The CentOS Software Installation tool is not Apt-get is Yum

So the Apt-get command is invalid, before installing the Chinese pack has been prompted ' no package ', Baidu said it may be the source package needs to be updated, using their own guess out of the command ' Yum Update ', updated don't know what things

or prompt for ' no packages available '


Linux Chinese garbled this big pit

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