Linux commands for adjusting screen brightness in Ubuntu 10.04

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My Fujitsu s7211 laptop screen is not as bright as Ubuntu 10.04 in Vista, and I always thought it was a driver problem. Later, I found from my blog that the brightness can be adjusted.

Two methods:

1. Adjust the GAMMA value of the screen contrast Parameter

> Xgamma-Gamma. 75

If not, try to change. 75 to 0.5 ~ Test between 1.0. After I use 1.0, I feel that the brightness is the same as that under Vista.

This command does not require administrator privileges.

2. Adjust the backlight brightness of the current screen PCI

> Sudo setpci-s 00:02. 0 f4. B = xx

XX indicates the screen brightness in hexadecimal notation. The value ranges from 0 )~ Ff ).

. 0 is your monitor VGA DeviceCode.

Run the lspci command to check your VGA device code:

> Lspci

00:00. 0 host bridge: Intel Corporation mobile pm965/gm965/gl960 memory controller Hub (Rev 03)

. 0 VGA compatible Controller: Intel Corporation mobile gm965/gl960 integrated graphics controller (Rev 03)

. 1 display controller: Intel Corporation mobile gm965/gl960 integrated graphics controller (Rev 03)

00: 1A. 0 USB controller: Intel Corporation 82801 H (ich8 family) USB uhci controller #4 (Rev 03)

Note that the second line is. 0 VGA compatible Controller

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