Linux Common commands

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PASSWD Enter Change Password

CD into the personal home directory
Cd/home Enter '/home ' directory
Cd.. Return to the top level directory
Cd.. /.. Return to the top level two directory
CD-Return to the last directory

ls to view the files in the directory
Ls–f viewing files in a directory
Ls–l View details of files and directories
ll view details of files and directories
Ls–a Viewing hidden files
LS *[0-9]* view filenames and directory names that contain numbers

Tree displays files and directories starting with the root directory
Lstree Show files and directories with a tree structure starting with the root directory

mkdir AAA Create a directory of ' AAA '
mkdir AAA BBB simultaneously creates ' AAA ' and ' BBB ' two directories
MKDIR–P/AAA/BBB/CCC Creating a directory tree
Rm–f AAA Delete ' AAA ' files
rmdir BBB Delete the ' BBB ' directory
RM–RF AAA Delete ' AAA ' directory and delete its contents at the same time
RM–RF AAA BBB also deletes two directories and their content

VI aaa.txt Edit Aaa.txt file contents
: W Save
: w! Force Save
: Wq Exit and save
: wq! Force Save and exit
: Q Do not save and exit
: q! Force quit does not save
: e! Restore a file to its original state
ZZ If the file does not change, then does not store leave, if the file has changed, then the store left
: w [FileName] stores the edited data as another file
: Set NU Displays line number
: Set Nonu Cancel line number

PWD Displays the path of the current user

Rz–y Uploading Files
Sz–y Download File

File Search
Find/-name file1 from '/' to the root file system to search for files and directories
Find/-user User1 search for files and directories belonging to user ' User1 '
Find/home/user1-name \*.bin in directory '/home/user1 ' search for files with '. Bin '
Find/usr/bin-type f-atime +100 Search execution files that have not been used in the last 100 days
Find/usr/bin-type f-mtime-10 search for files created or modified within 10 days
Find/-name \*.rpm-exec chmod 755 ' {} '; Search for files ending with '. RPM ' and define their permissions
Find/-xdev-name \*.rpm search for files ending with '. RPM ', ignoring removable devices such as optical drives, Czech disks, etc.

MySQL Database command
Cd/usr/local/mysl/bin into the Mysqlbin directory
./mysql–uroot–p Connect to database, enter password
Select User (); Querying all Users
show databases; Show all database names
Use PSMs; Go to the ' psms ' database
Show tables; Show all the tables

Source/root/psms.sql Import the Psms.sql database under the root directory;

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql–uroot–pfwipsadmin Connection Database
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump–d–uroot–pfwipsadmin psms audit_num > Audit_num.sql Export psms table in Audit_num database, rename audit _num.sql file

SZ audit_num.sql download Audit_num.sql to local

TAR-ZXVF sms.tar.gz-c/usr/local/httpd/htdocs/Decompression Package

Commands to delete millions files
mkdir Newfloder
Rsync-a-delete newfloder/cur/

For i in *;d o rm-fr i; Done

Find/home/mailbox/ ' *email* '-print | Xargs-n1 RM-FR


ls ' *.email* ' | Xargs rm–f

Downloading files from sftp under Linux
Lftp-c "Open-e ' get-o./(current directory)/usr/local/jdk-7u51-linux-i586.tar.gz-o ' sftp://' root ': ' pldsec ' @ '

File MD5 Checksum
md5sum filename

Modify the DNS configuration vi/etc/resolv.conf add nameserver in this file

Update system time Ntpdate

Touch/etc/pldrun.ctl shutting down the telnet port

Linux Common commands

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