Linux compare files to output different content

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Linux compare files to output different content

As far as I know, there are several ways to compare rows of two files to output their differences:

1) Comm Mission:

Comm [ -123] file1 file2 [> Sfile]

Note:file1,file2 must be firstly sorted!

-1/2/3 means:-1-----rid of the retained contents in File1

-2-----rid of the retained contents in File2

-3-----rid of the communal lines in both two files

As mentioned above, the premise of the Comm command is to use two sorted files!

The command is a comparison of the two sorted files. where file1 and file2 are sorted files. Comm reads the two files and then generates three columns of output: Rows that only appear in file1, rows that occur in file2, and rows that exist in two files. If the filename is "-", read from the standard input.

Options 1, 2, or 3 suppress the corresponding column display. For example, comm-12 shows only rows that exist in two files; comm-23 displays only those rows that appear in the first file but not in the second file; comm-123 doesn't show anything.

2) grep Mission:

Grep-v-F file1 file2

/* Note:: This method in comparison with the number of comparisons, text contrast does not recommend the use of * *

3) awk Mission:

awk ' {print nr,$0} ' file1 file2 |sort-k2|uniq-u-F 1|sort-k1|awk ' {print $} '


awk ' {print $} ' file1 file2 |sort|uniq-u

4) diff Mission:

diff [-opt] file1 file2

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