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The function of the date command is to display and set the system date and time

Command format:

Date [OPTION] ... [+format]

Date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDHHMM[[CC]YY][.SS]]


-D STRING: Displays the date described by STRING

-S STRING: Setting the date described by STRING

%Y years (for example: 1970,2009, etc.)

The last two digits of the%y year (1988 is 88)

%m Month (01..12)

%d days of one months (01..31)

%H hours (00..23)

%I Hours (01..12)

%k hours (0..23)

%l hours (1..12)

%p Displays AM or PM

%m Score (00..59)

%s seconds (00..59)

%r time (Hh:mm:ss am or PM), 12 hours

%T time (24-hour) (HH:MM:SS)

%x display the format of the time (%h:%m:%s)

%x displays the format of the date (MM/DD/YY)

%d Date (MM/DD/YY)

%s The number of seconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 to the current experience

Commonly used in this, the rest of the direct search man is good ...


1, there is a special time this noon, 2009-08 07 12:34:56, the following format can be displayed 12/34/56/7/8/9 this format. Where "-" can ignore the first "0".

Date + '%i/%m/%s/%-d/%-m/%-y '

2, Set month day is 20090807, time is 00:00

Date-s 20090807

3, set time, do not change the date

Date-s 16:02:23

4, set the date and time

Date-s "20090807 16:02:23"

5, view 100 days and 5 hours before the specific time

Date-d "-1 day 5 Hour" + "%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s"

6, view the time after 100 minutes

date-d "+100 min" + "%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s"

7. Time Stamp Calculation

Date-d 20090528 +%s

8, restore time stamp

Date-d "1970-01-01 1243440000 sec GMT" + "%F%T"

9, using NTP protocol to update the system time online


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