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Linux Desktop details-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following section. Author: thing Zhizhi

I have been using Fedora 8 for a while, and I feel that it has made great progress. However, there are still some unsatisfactory aspects for desktop applications. I am not confused when I make a record for myself, we hope that Linux will become more and more perfect.

Gedit and input method:
The title cannot be automatically named. It is useful to automatically name the content in the first line of the document. When saving the file as a file, the existing file name in the text box is lost when you click a folder; in the open and select file browsing box, right-click the "add to bookmarks" and "Show Hidden Files" options. If you can open a file (folder) or file (folder) in a new window) attributes and so on will be more humane.

Scim is used most like the micro-soft Pinyin input method. However, when a word is adjusted after a long sentence is entered, it automatically jumps to the end of the sentence, when there are a lot of words in a sentence that need to be adjusted, it is very troublesome. Of course, the dictionary is also a problem. We look forward to the linux version of google's input method!

The real-time search and positioning functions are not accurate and practical enough. The display files are displayed in full names. The format of too long file names is not supported, and the icons are messy and not neat; thumbnails cannot be displayed based on the file type. thumbnails cannot be displayed for specific folders. thumbnail browsing is too rigid and inflexible.

Gnome comprehensive settings:
Right-click the desktop and you can change the wallpaper. However, the options for themes, resolutions, and wallpapers are too scattered. You can click this panel and right-click the desktop to change the wallpaper, it is more convenient and practical. to modify the options in the main menu, you need to open the main menu editor. When you only need to modify one item, the operation is too cumbersome, if you can right-click a menu item to add, delete, or change it, right-click the panel (gnome-panel) all the pop-up menus (not just the menus popped up in the blank space) should contain modification options for the panel, which is more convenient. The function of cutting, copying, and pasting is not too weak, if the relevant content is copied to a program, the copied content will be lost after the program is closed, which is inconvenient and user-friendly. The main menu is divided into three categories: application, location, and system, although it is more efficient in different categories, but the menu structure is not user-friendly, self-adjustment is complicated;

If you want to add a GUI processing method such as formatting the mounted disk, it is more convenient to integrate it into the right-click menu of the mounted disk even though the command line is also very convenient. Isn't it more convenient? At the same time, the number of command lines is not suitable for beginners. It takes a long time to realize that the command line is powerful.

Encoding and Font:
The encoding format is often not recognized and supported. For example, firefox can open the link from a local html webpage to a local html webpage. Chinese characters may be garbled and cannot be displayed, however, chaotic coding is a major feature of China. Font setting and installation (to achieve the best effect) are still cumbersome, firefox underline and text box is too narrow and simple style, etc.

Some of the above are detailed issues recorded in my usage, which are very messy, but very practical.

Windows has basically never been used in the past year. Although linux is still a non-mainstream and has many minor problems, I can fully meet my needs and use it comfortably, and broaden your horizons. As more and more desktop applications are available, I believe more and more people will join the linux camp.
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