Linux dual NIC Bindings

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1. First/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts to increase the IFCFG-BOND0








2, ifcfg-eth0/eth1 configuration other similar:






3, modify the/etc/modprobe.conf file, also do a backup, and finally add two lines

Alias Bond0 Bonding

options bond0 miimon=100 mode=1 [max_bonds=2]


(1), Miimon is the link monitoring time interval unit is milliseconds, miimon=100 means every 100ms, monitoring a link connection status, if one line is not connected to another line.

(2), mode=0 means load Balancing mode, two network cards are working, need to support the switch

Mode=1 means redundancy, Nic only one job, one problem enable additional

Mode=6 means load balancing, both NICs work without the need for a switch for support

Note: For the current 0 mode test is a bit of a problem, if there is no relevant configuration on the switch on the network will be very serious drops, and in 0 mode he is only a mode of rotation instead of the so-called increase the bandwidth of the network, in turn to send packets so that virtually caused the network rate of decline (because to make a choice to go that , the 1 mode redundancy mode is now commonly used for safe, reliable and fast speeds.

(3), bonding can only provide link monitoring, that is, the link from the host to the switch is connected. If the switch external link is down, and the switch itself is not faulted, then bonding will assume that the link is not a problem and continue to use

(4), max_bonds=2 NIC binding if Bond in more than the best add this parameter limit bond maximum load several, if not loaded this parameter will be reported similar to "Cannot find BOND1 parameter, BOND1 load failed error"

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