Linux Grub command to modify the startup background of grub

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Install Linux on the hard disk and start the operating system from the Grub command line. 1. Back up your important data to avoid any problems. Generally, you will distribute a disk in Windows to Linux. My solution is to back up the data to another drive letter.

Linux Grub command to modify the startup background of grub
1. the Linux Grub command converts an image to a 14-color xpm file of 640*480 colors:
# Convert abc.jpg-colors 14-geometry 640*480! Abc. xpm
-Colors 14 Parameter
2. compress the generated xpm file and use gzip # gzip-9 abc. xpm for compression. It is recommended that the image size not exceed 90kb. If grub is large, the interface will not be displayed, and the definition will not work.
3. Copy abc.xpm.gz to/boot/grub and save the source image.
4. Modify/boot/gurb/menu. lst.
Splashimage = (hda0, 0)/boot/gurb/abc.xpm.gz
5. Save the disk and exit

  1. Grub> root (hd0, N)
  2. Grub> chainloader + 1
  3. Grub> boot
  4. Partitions in Linux under Winodws
  5. Grub> root (hd0, N)
  6. Grub> kernel/vmlinuz
  7. Grub> initrd/initrd-2.4.22-3 Thiz. img
  8. Grub> the boot kernel is copied to the boot partition)
  9. 6-10 Linux
  10. /Dev/hda10
  11. Cd/boot
  12. Copy the boot directory to hda10 (cp-r/boot/linux)
  13. Ln-s/lib/modules/2.4.22-3 Thiz/vm

Modify the Grub file when the Linux grub command is started.

The Linux Grub command modules literally refers to the module
Lsmod (list module): Lists modules that have been transferred to the kernel.
Insmod (insert module): inserts a module into the kernel.
Rmmod (remove module): detaches a module from the kernel.

Init 0: Shutdown
1: Enter a single user
2: multiple users, but no NFS Network File System)
3: multiple users
4: useless
5: graphic interface (X11)
6. Restart

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