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Installation System: RedHat linux as 4 2.6.9

Because the Apache server does not have the built-in ASP function, we need to find the applicable ASP module by ourselves. By looking for relevant information, we know that there are currently three suites that can provide this function:

1. Chili soft ASP:

It has been acquired by sun and incorporated into SunONE ASP. It can perfectly support microsoft, ASP3.0VBScript/JScript 5.5, ADO, and ODBC. It includes the ODBC database driver for Oracle, Sybase, DB2, informix, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, dBASE, and PostgreSQL. The latest version is Sun One Active Server Pages 4.0.1, Which is priced at $495. The trial version is available on the SUN website (full-featured, 30 days );

2. Instant ASP; Instant ASP (iASP), released by Stryon, is a lightweight dynamic server architecture written in JAVA, therefore, JDK1.X and above are required. developers can configure Active Server Pages (ASP) on any Java-supported Web Server or Application Server (but the actual test results are not satisfactory)

3. Apache: ASP: the ASP support solution provided by Chamas Enterprises. It is an extension of ASP Based on perl and has limited compatibility with microsoft ASP APIs;

I use the second method iASP

Software used: httpd-2.0.59.tar.gz, jdk-1_5_0_08-linux-i586.bin, iASP2.1.01.tar.gz


Install apache:

./Configure-prefix =/usr/local/apache-enable-module = so;


Make install is installed;

Install JDK

Chmod + x jdk-1_5_0_08-linux-i586.bin


Install iASP

Tar zxvf iASP2.1.01.tar.gz

./Install. sh

After the image is displayed, enter the JDK path,/usr/jdk1.5;

Prompt to enter the installation path of IASP, and enter:/usr/local/iasp. If the directory does not exist, the system will prompt to create the directory. Answer: Y;

Then, I will ask if I want to configure the WEB server. Then I will answer Y;

2. Select the proxy server, which is the proxy server for communication between Instant ASP and Apache. Enter 1 and select instant asp native servlet support.

3. Select the WEB server; 2: Select Apache;

4. Select the server version and input 11 to select 1.3.2X.

5. Enter the Apache configuration file path and/usr/local/apache/conf

6. Enter the proxy server address, which can be by default or the address bound to Apache;

7. Enter the proxy server port and the port on which Instant ASP interacts with Apache. The default value is 9098, which can be left unchanged;

8. Enter the WEB Management port. The default value is 9095. The installation is complete. Open httpd. conf and you will find that Instant ASP adds the following lines at the end:

# IASP Setting

LoadModule iasp_module "/usr/local/iasp/iasp21-bin/apache/linux/1.3.20/"

Alias/iasp "/usr/local/iasp/iasp21"


IaspConfig server "/usr/local/iasp/iasp21-properties/server. properties"

IaspConfig rules "/usr/local/iasp/iasp21-properties/rules. properties"


Vi is a file named test. asp. The content is saved to the apache webpage directory.

Start apache and IASP:

/Usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start


Enter the URL in the browser and press enter to see "success !" ,

Instant ASP is successfully installed!

Instant ASP also supports starting through Web Page Management:


Enter http: // IP: 9095 in a browser that supports JAVA to facilitate WEB management.

Note: The following error is reported when apache is started after installation:

Start httpd: module "mod_iasp.c" is not compatible with this version of Apache (found 20020329, need 20020903 ).

Please contact the vendor for the correct version.

This is because the iasp module is compiled based on Apache 20020329. Therefore, loading fails. We need to manually configure a new module for the current version:

# Cd/usr/local/iasp/iasp21-bin/apache/source/2.0/

# Apxs-I-c *. c

Newly generated modules are placed in:


Modify the httpd. conf file

# LoadModule iasp_module "/usr/iasp/iasp21-bin/apache/linux/2.0/"

LoadModule iasp_module "/usr/local/apache2/modules/"

The above methods can solve the fault.

Test asp



<Title> Test iASP </title>




Response. Write "<BR>




The third method is Apache: ASP.

The apache version I installed is 2.0. Therefore, download mod_perl 2.0 if apache1.0 is installed. Download mod_perl1.0 for installation.

Download mod_perl2.0


Install apache2

. /Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/apache2/-- enable-so -- enable-auth-anon -- enable-auth-dbm -- enable-expires -- enable-proxy -- enable-rewrite -- enable-autoindex


Make install perl

Rpm-e perl-5.8.5-12.i386-nodeps download system comes with perl

Download perl-5.8.8.tar.bz2

Bunzip2 perl-5.8.8.tar.bz2

Sh Configure-de


Make test

Make install


Cpan> install MCPAN

Cpan> install HTTP: Date

Install mod_perl

First uninstall the built-in mod_perl1.0 package.

Rpm e mod_perl-1.99_16-4.i386

Tar zxvf mod_perl-2.0-current.tar.gz

Cd mod_perl-2.0.4/

Perl Makefile. PL MP_APXS =/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs DO_HTTPD = 1 USE_DSO = 1 EVERYTHING = 1 USE_APACHI = 1 MP_APXS =/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs


Make test

Make install


Cpan> install MLDBM

Cpan> install MLDBM: Sync

Cpan> install Apache: ASP

. Configure httpd. conf

Add the following items at the end of the configuration file:

LoadModule perl_module modules/

PerlModule Apache: ASP

<File ~ (. Asp)>

SetHandler perl-script

PerlHandler Apache: ASP

PerlSetVar Global.

PerlSetVar StateDir/tmp/asp


After the server is restarted, an ASP program is placed in the/usr/local/apache/htdocs directory,

The original code is displayed in the browser. The above method is not easy to use.

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