Linux time zone information and modifications

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To re-establish a soft connection for the localtime configuration problem

Immediate effect

[[Email protected] ~]# Date

Fri SEP 4 04:58:20 AST 2015

Set the system time:

Date-s 06/18-15

Date-s 14:20:50

Date-s 0618141615.30 (June 18, 14 14:16 30 sec) (MMDDHHMMYYYY.SS)

Hwclock-s write hardware time to system time

Set Hardware time:


Hwclock--set--date= "06/18/15 14:55" (Month/day/year: minutes: seconds)

Hwclock-h write system time to hardware time

Several important time zones:

Ast-4:00 Atlantic Standard Time (Canada)

edt-4:00 US Eastern Daylight Time

est-4:00 US Eastern Standard Time (East Stander Times)

Time Zone offset from UTC Description
Nzdt +13:00 New Zealand Daylight Time
IDLE +12:00 International Date Line, East Side
Nzst +12:00 New Zealand Standard Time
NZT +12:00 New Zealand Time
Aesst +11:00 Australia Eastern standard Daylight saving time
Acsst +10:30 Standard daylight saving time in Australia
Cadt +10:30 In Australia Daylight Time
SADT +10:30 South Australia Daylight Time
AEST +10:00 Australia Eastern Standard Time
EAST +10:00 Eastern Australia Standard Time
Gst +10:00 Guam Standard Time, Russian time zone 9
Ligt +10:00 Melbourne, Australia
SAST +09:30 South Australia Standard Time
CAST +09:30 Standard Time in Australia
Awsst +09:00 Western Australia standard Daylight saving time
Jst +09:00 Japan Standard Time, (Russian time zone 8)
KST +09:00 Korea Standard Time
Mht +09:00 Time in Kua-Lin Island
WDT +09:00 Western Australia Daylight Time
MT +08:30 Mauritius (Moluccas) time (? )
Awst +08:00 Western Australia Standard Time
Cct +08:00 China Coastal Time
Wadt +08:00 Western Australia Daylight Time
WST +08:00 Western Australia Standard Time
Jt +07:30 Java time
Almst +07:00 Almaty Daylight Time
WAST +07:00 Western Australia Standard Time
DX3 +07:00 Christmas (Easter?) ) Island Time
MMT +06:30 Myannar time
Almt +06:00 Almaty time
Mawt +06:00 Mawson (Antarctica) time
IOT +05:00 India Chagos Time
Mvt +05:00 Maldives (?) Island Time
Tft +05:00 Kerguelen Time
AFT +04:30 Afghanistan time
EAST +04:00 Antananarivo Summer Time
MUT +04:00 Mauritius Island Time
Ret +04:00 Reunion Island Time
Sct +04:00 Mahe Island Time
IRT, IT +03:30 Iran time
EAT +03:00 Antananarivo, Comoro Time
Bt +03:00 Baghdad time
Eetdst +03:00 Eastern Europe Daylight Time
Hmt +03:00 Hellas Mediterranean time (?)
BDST +02:00 British Double Summer Time
CEST +02:00 Central European Daylight Time
Cetdst +02:00 Central Europe Daylight Time
The +02:00 Eastern Europe, (Russian time zone 1)
FWT +02:00 French Winter Time system
Ist +02:00 Israel Standard Time
MEST +02:00 Central Europe Daylight Time
Metdst +02:00 Central Europe Daylight Time
Sst +02:00 Sweden Daylight Time
Bst +01:00 UK Daylight Saving Time
Cet +01:00 Central Europe Time
Dnt +01:00 Dansk Normal Tid
FST +01:00 France Daylight Time
MET +01:00 Central Europe Time
Mewt +01:00 Central European Winter Time system
MEZ +01:00 Mitteleurop Ming Li Sche Zeit
NOR +01:00 Norwegian Standard Time
SET +01:00 Seychelles time (? )
Swt +01:00 Swedish Winter Time System
Wetdst +01:00 Light utilization time in Western Europe (daylight saving)
Gmt 0:00 Greenwich Standard Time
Ut +00:00 Global time
Utc +00:00 Global Time for calibration
Z +00:00 Same as UTC
ZULU +00:00 Same as UTC
WET +00:00 Western Europe Time
WAT -01:00 West Africa Time
Fnst -01:00 Fernando de Noronha Daylight Time
FNT -02:00 Fernando de Noronha time
BRST -02:00 Brazil Daylight Time
Ndt -02:30 Newfoundland (Newfoundland) Daylight Time
Adt -03:00 Atlantic Daylight Time
Awt -03:00 Unknown
Brt -03:00 Brazil time
NFT -03:30 Newfoundland (Newfoundland) Standard Time
NST -03:30 Newfoundland (Newfoundland) Standard Time
Ast -04:00 Atlantic Standard Time (Canada)
ACST -04:00 Atlantic/porto Acre Daylight Time
EDT -04:00 Eastern Daylight Time
ACT -05:00 Atlantic/porto Acre Standard Time
Cdt -05:00 Central Daylight Time
Est -05:00 Eastern Standard Time
Cst -06:00 Chubu Standard Time
Mdt -06:00 Mountain Daylight Time (Mountain) How do you know how to translate the daylight? )
Mst -07:00 Mountain Standard Time
Pdt -07:00 Pacific Daylight Time
Akdt -08:00 Alaska Daylight Time
Pst -08:00 Pacific Standard Time
YDT -08:00 Yukon Daylight Time
Akst -09:00 Alaska Standard Time
HDT -09:00 Xiawei/Alaska Daylight Time
YST -09:00 Yukon Standard Time
MART -09:30 Marquesa Islands Time
Ahst -10:00 Alaska/Hawaii Standard Time
HST -10:00 Hawaii Standard Time
CAT -10:00 Middle Alaska Time
Nt -11:00 State time (Nome hours)
Idlw -12:00 International Date Line, West Side

Linux time zone information and modifications

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