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XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment
XAMPP is a completely free and easy-to-install Apache release that includes MySQL, PHP, and Perl. The setup of the XAMPP open source package makes installation and use surprisingly easy.


1) get xampp
After you find the version number of your corresponding system through the above connection, the Shell interface

wget-c URL

Get download connection Here i download the format for. Run

2) install XAMPP (CentOS7 64 download is 5.6.8 version)

Root user execution:chmod +x xampp-linux-*

Do not prompt to continue execution:./xampp-linux-*
Do not lower the first point, then follow the prompts to enter execution:y-y-enter-y These four commands wait for the installation to complete

Inspection: Cd/opt/lampp
LS can see the results of the installation yo

1.' * ' indicates the version number XAMPP is installed by default in /opt/lampp
2. Uninstalling Xampp:rm-rf/opt/lampp

3) turn on Xampp

/opt/lampp/lampp start run ok ..... Apache, MySQL has started
/opt/lampp/lampp Stop Stop
Intranet users can input directly in the browser: http://localhost
Extranet user through IP access not successful please see blogger before article: linux| XAMPP Linux 5.6.8 64bit External Network unreachable Resolution

4) Configure Xmapp security password
-Due to the XAMPP default security configuration is very chicken, so
-mysql Administrator (Root) does not have a password.
-mysql can be accessed over the network.
-PROFTPD uses "Lampp" as the password for the user name "nobody".
-phpmyadmin can be accessed over the network.
-The sample program can be accessed over the network.
-mysql and Apache run under the same user name (nobody).
If the actual combat, please make sure to change the password by the following command!

Execution:/opt/lampp/lampp security Change Password in turn

1. When this password is set, the user name and password are prompted when you enter again via http://localhost or
2. Note that you cannot open phpmyadmin at this time, you will be prompted with a password error. Configure the phpMyAdmin configuration file and configure the user name and password in it

The Security command cannot modify the login password of the phpmyadmin management tool you have to go manually.
/opt/lampp/phpmyadmin Modifying configuration file -–>vi

5) boot from Run XAMPP

Add a line to the last face:/opt/lampp/lampp start
Save exit the next time the server restarts XAMPP will automatically restart all components

6) Backup

Regular backups are a good habit, and xampp backup methods are extremely simple.

Tips:* * indicates that the root password in MySQL can not be input yo

7) Recovery
The restore Xampp method only needs to execute

sh/opt/lampp/backup/ * *

tips:** means that the root password in MySQL can not be entered yo!
After the recovery, you need to restart XAMPP before you can yo!

8) default Site Directory


Requires sudo permissions, not very convenient, here to re-select a directory:/www/htdocs (note Modify permissions)
For those who mount the wrong drive, a chance to fix it!

Execution : vi/opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf
Modify the two /opt/lampp/htdocs in the text for your new directory absolute path can yo!

Linux| XAMPP Build Discuz Forum A

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