Linux fstab file modification causes the system to fail to start.

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Linux fstab file modification causes the system to fail to start.

It is intended to modify the automatic Mount/dev/sda5 to/u01 in Linux and change it to/dev/sda5/weblogic.

Therefore, the fstab file/u01 was modified to/weblogic, so the tragedy occurred. The Mount error cannot be found at startup. after entering the repair filesystem mode, you want to modify/etc/fstab, the results file is read only, and the process of solving the problem is beginning.


1. An error occurred while starting linux. Enter the root account password and enter repair filesystem #. Note that the fstab file cannot be saved and modified when it is fixed.

2. Privilege Escalation to root

3. mount/-o remount

At this time,/etc/fstab can be modified. This step is the core content.

4. Modify the fstab file vi/etc/fstab

If the fstab file breaks down, you can restore it if you have a backup. If not, you can write a copy on your own. The key is to know the partition information and the previous information.

Restoration of Linux fstab file loss

Linux Fstab file recovery

Linux fstab Parameters

Linux boot self-check configuration file fstab becomes read-only and cannot be modified

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