Linux Installation Ipython Four ways

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Ipython is a python interactive shellthat provides useful features such as automatic completion of code, automatic indentation, highlighting, and execution of shell commands. In particular, its code completion function, for example: After entering zlib. Press the TAB key, Ipython lists all the properties, methods, and classes under the Zlib module. Can completely replace your own bash

Here are four ways to install Ipython under Linux:

The first type: Ipython source installation
Ipython's Source download page is: Https://

Or go to the git page to download:
Suppose we download a file named: ipython-0.8.2.tar.gz
#tar zvxf ipython-0.8.2.tar.gz //Extract Files
#cd ipython-0.8.2 //Enter the folder you just unzipped

After entering the file add, you will see a installation script, run the following command to install
#python Install

This will install the Ipyhon library file in the Site-packages directory and create a Ipython script in the scripts directory. In UNIX systems, the directory is the same as the Python binary file directory. If a Python package is already installed on the system, Ipython will be installed in the/usr/bin directory.

The second type: Install the Ipython package through the system's package manager.
such as the. Deb package can be obtained on Debian and Ubuntu directly with the following command:
#apt-get Install Ipython //ubuntu the Ipython library file to the/usr/share/python-support/ipython directory, Includes a series of. pth files and symbolic links, while Ipython binaries are installed in the/usr/bin/ipyton directory.

Redhat (CentOS) uses the following command:

# Yum List | grep ipython //See if the Yum source you are using has a Ipython package, if not, it can only be replaced or source installed, there seems to be no domestic

# Yum Install Ipython.noarch //Installation Ipython

or through the RPM package installation, the command is as follows:


The third type: Install via Python package.
Ipython is included in the Python package. After extracting the Python package, you can see a file with an. egg extension.  The egg file can be installed through the Easy_install tool. The Easy_install tool can check the configuration of the egg file and select what needs to be installed. The Easy_install tool determines the installation of a package through the index of the Python package (Python packages index, referred to as PyPI, also known as Python cheeseshop). Installing Ipython using the Easy_install tool requires only the user to have write access to the Site_package directory and run directly
#easy_install Ipython

Ps: As long as you have installed the Easy_install tool, so if you want to use this method to install, you need to install Setuptools before using the Easy_install tool.

The fourth kind: directly does not install is used.
After downloading the Ipython source code, after running the installation command, you can use the Ipython instance in the download version. This method can keep the Site-packages directory concise, but it will also bring some problems, that is, if not decompression ipython, there is no modification pythonpath environment variables, Ipython will not be used as a library file directly.

I personally recommend the installation of the source code

If you have questions, you can go to the official View Installation documentation Tutorial:



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Linux installation Ipython four ways

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