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We should first know the basic situation of the computer. A computer is a heap of metal, the combined semiconductor and plastic products, if powered, can start, but you can't do anything, because the computer is just a bunch of hardware, if you are not to sell scrap metal, it is cumbersome and dazzling (if your computer is a pile of white shell). But why is the computer so attractive to us. Because of the operating system and the application software.

The operating system is a special kind of software that enables computer hardware and software to work together and handles the actions we use to tap the keyboard and move the mouse. The common operating system is windows, which has many versions; MAC OS, used on Apple computers; UNIX, many mainframes use stable unix;linux, which is our protagonist today, a powerful, stable, high-performance Open source code of the operating system.

But the world without Windows is just as wonderful. If the computer is a piece of land, Windows is the cloud above, only to peel away the dark clouds we can see the beautiful sun. The tool that we peel off this cloud is Linux. So what exactly is Linux?

A long, long time ago, the 70 's, when Windows did not appear, UNIX is the most widely used operating system. But Unix also has a high price. So there was a bull man (I can't remember the exact spelling of his name, have to use cattle instead, after all, the name of someone else to write wrong than the name of the cow is worse, this cow wants to build an open system, the system is very large, huge to a very large extent. Contains the operating system (can be more than one, in fact, there are more than one, but we only discuss Linux), software, various documents, various media information and many other things. Most of these things use a protocol, which we often say is the GPL or LGPL (this protocol simply means exposing all the source code, anyone can get it for free, or you can add deletions and modifications, or even sell it for money, As long as you make sure that the software you have modified and the software you sell will also use the GPL protocol. Cow man give this huge open system a loud name (loud): Gnu-gun is not Unix.

Linux is one of the best operating systems that the GNU system has developed. But Linux is only a core, a noble operating system core, a pure operating system core. This pure noble operating system core was first developed by another Linus, at that time the Finnish people are no bigger than me, maybe even smaller than me, but cows ah, true cow ah. Linux Core plus a lot of good GNU System application software, is what we are now mentioned Linux. So what is Redhat Linux and what is Mandrake Linux?

In very near very near before, 90 's bar, Linux has gradually had to give me who the edge. Since Linux belongs to the GNU system, the system uses the GPL protocol, to ensure the public code, so there are n so many companies flocked to the Linux kernel source code on the basis of some necessary modification processing, and then develop some supporting software, finally choose some excellent software, put them together to publish , the formation of their own company's release version of Linux. Redhat Company in the United States issued Redhat Linux, France's Mandrake company issued Mandrake Linux, Germany's SuSE company issued SuSE Linux, we China's n-many companies are also crazy to publish their so-called Chinese Linux, But so far, domestic Linux has been difficult to tread. Linux companies are a dime a lot, Linux distributions are also more like lice, where we cannot but mention Debian Gnu/linux.

The Debian Gnu/linux is a very special Linux distribution, unlike other Linux distributions that are developed and distributed by commercial companies, and the Debian Gnu/linux is launched by another bull, whose name begins with Ian, The first three-letter name was Deb, and in the power of Love, he launched a Debian gnu/linux organization dedicated to developing a non-commercial Linux distribution. Love is so great, he did it. There are now more than 800 engineers around the world who devote their spare time to Debian Gnu/linux. And that number is growing. The Debian Gnu/linux is one of the more excellent Linux distributions, and I'll Shishi it later. I'll use Debian instead of the Debian Gnu/linux later. about the kernel version and release version have to tell the story

Since Linux is just a kernel and Linux distributions are a collection of Linux kernels and various applications, Linux has two version numbers. One is the kernel version and one is the release version number. Linux kernel version number format is x.y.zz-www, different numbers represent different development versions, there are stable, but also tested. The Linux distribution number is developed by each issuing company or organization, Redhat Linux has 6.0, 6.2, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3, and so on, typically, the kernel version ordinal number is an even representation of a stable version, and an odd ordinal number is an unstable test version. In fact, Windows is the same, but we do not often hear, such as Windows2000 version number is 2195, the release version is 2000. I wonder if there is a Linux distribution version that uses the 2003 version number, hehe. some conventions and some Web sites

Later, we use Linux to refer to Linux distributions, using kernel to refer to the Linux kernel. Use Debian to refer to Debian Gnu/linux and use Redhat to refer to Redhat Linux.
Here are some of the most popular Linux official websites:

Below are the best Linux forums in the country:

The search engine below is the best search engine we have ever recommended, and I haven't used it since.

Below are a few very good free software base, but have been China Telecom IP risk, depressed AH.

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