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Linux learning note, common service program configuration-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information, the following is a detailed description. NFS:
Nfs composition: rpc. portmapper, rpc. nfsd, rpc. mountd
Nfs installation: sudo aptitude install nfs-kernel-server or nfs-user-server
Start and stop nfs: sudo/etc/init. d/nfs-kernel-server restart | stop | start
Nfs check: ps ax | grep nfsd ps-aux | grep portmap
Nfs configuration: in the/etc/exports file
/Usr (rw)/home/xp (rw, sync) * (ro, async)

Option description:
No_root_squash remote root users have full access permissions to the nfs Directory
Rw read/write, default ro read-only sync Synchronization
Configuration check: exportfs-rv
View NFS shared content: showmount-e server host name or ip address
Installation: sudo mount
Uninstall content: sudo umount/mnt/nfsdir

FTP: port: 21
Install: sudo aptitude install vsftpd
Start and stop: sudo/etc/init. d/vsftd start | stop | restart
Configuration File:/etc/vsftpd. conf
PAM Configuration:/etc/pam. d/vsftpd
User Access Control:/etc/vsftpd. ftpusers local user static login/etc/vsftpd. user_list
Set the idle session interruption time: idle_session_timeout = 600 (second)
Set the idle data connection interruption time: data_connection_timeout = 120
Set the automatic disconnection and activation connection time when the client is idle: accept_timeout = 60 connect_timeout = 60

Vsftpd anonymous upload Configuration:
Anon_upload_enable = Yes
Anon_mkdir_write_enable = Yes
Anon_other_write_enable = Yes
Anon_world_readable_only = No

Configure the speed limit and the number of connections per user:

Configuration Based on Local Users:
Userlist_enable = Yes
Userlist_deny = Yes
Userlist_file =/etc/vsftpd. user_list

Client operation:
Get remotefile [localfile]
Put localfile [remotefile]
Mget remote-files
Mput local-files

Lftp command:
Mirror [option] [remote [local]
-C resume
-R: Upload the entire directory
-R does not need to be recursive to the directory.
-N: only download newer files

Some service programs require xinetd: sudo aptitude install xinetd
Start xinetd: sudo/etc/init. d/xinetd reload
Test xinetd: ps ax | grep xinetd
The configuration files of xinetd are:/etc/xinetd. conf/etc/xinetd. d /.

TFTP: A non-connection UDP transfer file, which is generally used for small files to achieve simple port: 69
Install: sudo aptitude install tftpd
The installer adds a line in/etc/inetd. conf: tftp dgram udp wait nobody .....
Xinet needs to be converted to: itox-daemon_dir/usr/sbin </etc/inetd. conf
The/etc/xinetd. d/tftp file is the converted tftp segment.
/// // This part is available in tftp ////\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
View server_args =/srv/tftp in the/etc/xinetd. d/tftp file, and create it manually:
Sudo mkdir/srv/tftp
Sudo chmod a + w/srv/tftp
//////////////////////////////////////// /////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\
Restart xinetd to read the configuration file: sudo/etc/init. d/xinetd restart

Sudo aptitude install atftp

TELNET: port: 23
Install: sudo aptitude install telnetd
Create a file:/etc/xinetd. d/telnet. The content is the segment converted from/etc/inetd. conf.
Restart xinetd, read the new configuration file, and activate the service.

SSH: port: 22
Install: sudo aptitude install ssh
View: sudo netstat-apn | grep ": 22"

Client Logon: ssh user @ ip Exit: logout
After login, you can use it like operating your computer

Do not log on to the other Party:
Scp localfile user @ ip:/remote_path or remote_file
Scp user @ ip:/remote_file localfile or localpath

/Etc/hosts. deny
Sudo/etc/init. d/ssh start | stop
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