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File system structure and root directory description:

Rootfs: Root file system


[[email protected]/]# Lsbin Dev home lib64 media opt root selinux sys usrboot etc Lib Lost+found mnt Proc Sbin SRV tmp var

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/bin: Binary executables, user commands such as LS, RM, Echo, grep, awk, etc, normal user also have Execute permission

/boot partition: System boot-related files such as kernel, INITRD, and Grub (bootloader)

/dev Partition: Device files

Block devices: Random access, by data block: Hard disk

character devices: Linear access, per-character access: mouse, monitor

Device number: Main device number (major) and secondary device number (minor)

/etc Partition: The main storage path of the configuration file, such as service startup configuration file,/etc/init.d/mysqld/etc/init.d/httd/etc/init.d/php-fpm

/home partition: User's house directory, each user's home directory is usually/home/user

/lib Partition: library file

Static Library:. A

Dynamic libraries:. So (Shared object)

/lib/modules: kernel module files

/lost+found Partition: This directory is usually empty, and the "homeless" files left behind when the system shuts down are stored here .

/media: mount point directory, Mount Mobile device

/MNT: Mount Additional temporary system

Mount definition: It refers to a device (typically a storage device) attached to an existing Linux directory

/opt Optional Directory, third-party program installation directory

/proc Pseudo-file: Kernel mapping file, storing process (running program) information and kernel information (such as CPU, hard disk partition, memory information, etc. )

/root Partition: Admin home Directory

/sbin: Managing Commands

/sys pseudo-File: Hardware Device-related property mappings

/tmp Temporary file system/var/tmp, General system reboot will not be saved

/selinux partitioning: Used to improve system security

/sys Partition:

/usr read-only files, shared readonly

/usr/bin: non-mandatory ordinary user can execute command


/usr/lib:library files for/usr/bin/and/usr/sbin/





/var: changeable files, such as log files for various services

Root file naming rules:

1, the length can not exceed 255 characters

2. Strictly case-sensitive

3. Cannot use/when file name

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Linux Learning Notes-root file system

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