〖linux〗 let Kubuntu's "launch bar" and Win7 "taskbar" interface and function as

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Let's start by showing my desktop:

= = = Did you find this very similar to the Windows 7 taskbar? haha ~ = = =


Play for a long time unity, want to change a taste, put Ubuntu installed KDE desktop, found very good;

Here is to teach you how to customize the "boot bar", so that its function and Windows 7 "taskbar" interface and functions are basically the same;

Why is that basically the same?

Because there are individual launch icons, we need to modify them manually to make it not pop up a new icon, such as Chrome.


1. How to install Kubuntu from Ubuntu?

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop kde-standard

Install the software, then select KDE on the login screen;

2. How do I configure the KDE startup bar? Have them show only the icon (without displaying the window caption together?). )

1) Delete the old "Task Manager"

2) Add a "Icon-only task Manager" (Chinese should be called "icon taskbar" bar), with a picture:


3. This time away from the perfect only two or three steps, and then set the mouse to place the icon, do not display "highlight window", and "Always use the launcher icon"


4. So far, the merit has Gaocheng! The next step is to pull the program to the "Boot bar", there are two ways:

1) Direct Kickoff application Launcher(the one like the Win7 Start menu , the Chinese should be "app") drag it Over

2) After starting the program, tick "Show A Launcher when not Running"


5. Some problem solving methods, in the next use, you may encounter some minor flaws, why Google Chrome will appear two icons ( start bar One, open after another) how to merge?

Haha, the front so many roads have come through, this is simply a small case;

The reason is simple: because the startup command of the default launcher is not the same as the command at run time ;

The next step is to provide you with a workaround, two solutions:

1) Modify Google Chrome's startup parameters in the application (Kickoff application Launcher):

"Kickoff application Launcher", "applicaitons", right-click, select "Edit applications ..." The following interface appears:


2) Usually if you do not feel the need to modify here, you can start the program, using the above method, tick "Show A Launcher when not Running" can

OK, everybody enjoy it! (??  Omega?)? (´@@facesymbol@@ ')

〖linux〗 let Kubuntu's "launch bar" and Win7 "taskbar" interface and function as

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