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: This article mainly introduces Linux notes (69)-nginx smooth upgrade. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. If we want to upgrade nginx, we cannot stop the server in the production environment to upgrade it. Therefore, we need to smoothly upgrade it.

Smooth upgrade: if a worker process processes a request during a smooth upgrade, the worker process will continue to process the request and the process will be stopped. At the same time, nginx will not receive new requests. However, during the upgrade process, the new worker process will normally receive requests after it is enabled.

The so-called new working process is the working process started after the upgrade.

View nginx version


Download ngxin of a later version, decompress it, and compile it, but do not install

Cd ngin./configuremake

Do not execute make install

Then go to the objs directory, where there is a file nginx, which replaces the original nginx/sbin/with the file, and the upgrade is successful.

Note: Before you replace nginx with the previous version, you must back up the nginx file of the old version to prevent other

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    The above Introduces Linux notes (69)-nginx smooth upgrade, including some content, and hope to be helpful to friends who are interested in PHP tutorials.

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