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  Linux Common Command Encyclopedia 100:

1, echo "AA" "Test.txt and Echo" BB "" test.txt//"empty the original file, and the content written to the file," "Put the content to the end of the file

2. chmod go+w-r/home/zhangy//To add Write permissions to group users and other users

3, TAR-TZVF test.tar.gz//List of archived content

4, Du-ah//view file list size

5, Du-sh//View the total size of all files

6, Echo ' 1+2 ' |bc-l//mathematical operation

7, uname-a//View some information of Linux kernel, etc.

8, Badblocks-s/DEV/SDA//Bad track scan show progress

9. Time command//view the runtime of the commands

10, LS-LRT//In reverse order by time

11, rsync-p//sync Display progress

12. History-c//Clear History command

13, CD-//back to last Catalog

14, Tree//Display directory Trees

15. Umount-n/mnt/hda2//Forced Uninstall

16, Echo ~///display user's home directory

17, Echo $[5*5]//arithmetic operations

18, Echo $ ((5*5))//arithmetic operations

19. Eval Ls;ps aux|grep httpd//All two commands can be executed

20, free-m//MB for the unit display memory

21,uptime//shows how long the system has been running, in turn, it displays the following information: Now how long the system has been running, how many users are currently logged in, the system's average load in the last 1 minutes, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes

22. Addition operation

[Root@krlcgcms01 mytest]# let a=34+3;

[Root@krlcgcms01 mytest]# Echo $a;

23, export//view all environment variables

24, Echo $PATH//view a single variable

25. CMP file1 file2//file content comparison

26, Clear//clean screen

27, Echo 23423 |awk--re-interval '/[0-9]{3,}/'//If not re-interval, do not show

28. Cal//Get a neat calendar format

29, Wc-l//Statistics line number, wc-w statistics words

30, echo "AaDCbd23" |TR "[A-Z]" "[A-z]" uppercase to lowercase, echo "AaDCbdc23" |tr-c b-d = Replace the b-d string into =

31, echo "ADSF" | Iconv-f utf8-t GBK//convert character from UTF8 to gbk-f is from and shorthand,-t as if terminal

32, Cat-n File//content of the front will show line number

33, Chattr +i File//read-only, root users can not modify it

34. lsattr File//View files Properties

35, cat/etc/passwd |awk-f: ' {print $} '//View all users in the system

36, Cat/etc/group//View all the groups in the system

37, Groups//check before the current user, all groups

38, USERMOD-G group name user//This way is to cover the way, use the time to be careful, if the user a sex in MySQL usermod-g phpmysql such words only belong to PHP

39, USERMOD-G Group name user//This way is to increase the way, if the user a sex in MySQL usermod-g phpmysql so, MySQL belongs to 2 groups

40, BC/Enter the mathematical calculation to

41, Umask 003 u permission is 7,g permission is 7, other user is 4, namely 774,777-003=774

42, Mkfs-t Vfat/dev/hda6///move a partition in the hard drive into VFAT format

43, Mount/dev/cdrom/media/cdrom//Mount CDROM

44, Getent Group 532//through the group ID, to find the group information

45, last//login successful user record

46, LASTB//login unsuccessful user record

47, Dump-s/dev/sda2//Check the capacity of the/dev/sda2 to be backed up

48, Dump-0j-f/DEV/HDA2/SDA2_BAK.DUMP.BZ2/DEV/SDA2//sda2 Backup and compression

49, Restore-t-f/dev/hda2/sda2_bak.dump//view backup information

50, Restore-r-f/dev/hda2/sda2_bak.dump//restore Backup

51, Fc-list//view the fonts installed in the system

52, find./-type f-exec grep-q "root" {}; -exec echo {};//Find the string contained in the file under the directory

53, Vmstat 5//per 5 display of the system information, CPU,MEMORY,I/O, etc.

54, the top after the SHIFT + P occupies the sort display of the process

55, the top after the SHIFT + M occupied by the sort display of memory

56, Iptraf-g//view the flow of each interface

57, Ostat-d-x/dev/sda2 2///Iostat View disk/dev/sda2 disk I/O situation, refresh every two seconds

58, paste-sd ' | | | n ' Test//file is converted to 1 lines per 4 lines and separated by |

59, Lsof-i: 22//Know 22 port now run what program

60, LSOF-C ABC//show the ABC process now open files

61, Lsof-p 12//See which files were opened by process number 12

63. Route//View routing information

64, IFUP//Open Network card

65, Ifdown//Turn off the network card

66,route del-net netmask dev eth0//delete 172.168 this network segment

67, Route add-net netmask dev eth0//Add a route

68, NETSTAT-TUNL//list The Listening Network service port

69, Netstat-tun//list of connected Network service ports

70, NMAP-SP this network segment how many users in my host operation, a good security check tool

71, Vgdisplay//view the free space in the system

72, Lvextend-l+20g/dev/tank/part1//to part1 this partition to increase the space of 20G

73, Lvresize-l-10g/dev/tank/part2//To part2 this partition to reduce 10G of space

74, Pvdisplay//view disk information

75, Mplayer-loop 10/mnt/song/music/Flowers opened. MP3//Loop play 10 times

76, pacman-s firefox-nd//nd Remove dependence

77, WGET-C//Breakpoint Download

78. Chroot/mnt/ubuntu//change root directory to/mnt/ubuntu

79, CTRL + A//command line, the cursor is said to start

80, ctrl+e//command line, cursor move end

81, Cut-d:-F 1-4 Test//use: Split file, take the divided 1-4 columns

82, file/home/zhangy/test.php//To view some basic information of the file

83. Touch Test.txt//Create an empty file Text.txt

84. Htpasswd-cbd/usr/local/nginx/conf/authfile//Create access control files

85, DF//view disk space, and current number of disks

86, Fdisk-l//view all disk numbers

87, Alsamixer//Enter, the M key can be mute

88. Killall httpd//Kill all httpd processes

89, Killall-9 Mysqld_safe//Some process Super user also can not stop,-9 is forced to delete

90, Mirror/mysql//download MySQL directory

91, Mirror-r/mysql//upload MySQL directory

92. Rmmod PCSPKR//Turn off tab beep

93. Modprobe PCSPKR//Open tab beep

94, Gpasswd-a Zhangy Wheel//Add zhangy This user to wheel this group

95, DD If=/dev/zero of=/virtual/ubuntu.virt.img bs=1m count=4096//Create a 4G img image

96. Lspic//Display PCI devices

97, LSUSB//Display USB devices

98, History | Less//less root more a bit like, feel less use more comfortable point

99, Ln-s//If forget the-s will become a hard link

100, tar zxvf test.tar.gz-c/home/zhangy//extract content to the specified directory

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