Linux O & M won't do this. Do not be an engineer... or a linux engineer.

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Linux O & M won't do this. Do not be an engineer... or a linux engineer.

1. Linux System Basics

This is not to mention, it is the foundation of the Foundation. Even this will not be done. For reference books, you do not have to master it all, but the basic commands will always be done.

2. Network Services

There are many types of services, and each company will use different services, but basic services must be mastered, such as FTP, DNS, SAMBA, and mail.

Just take a look at the above. LAMP and LNMP must be skilled. What da Mei says is not that light will be set up, but that she must be familiar with the equivalent configurations in it, because the most critical part of the company is the WEB server, you must be familiar with nginx and apache, especially nginx. At least some companies still use tomcat, so it is best to learn about it.

In fact, you don't have to worry too much about network services. Generally, the company's environment has been set up. Even if there are new servers or you want to correct them, the company will have relevant documents for your reference, it won't make you confused, but at least the relevant configuration must be well-known, and it must be compiled and installed many times. Those modules should be familiar with their functions, especially those modules in PHP.

These two points are only the foundation and necessary conditions. They cannot be described as tools. The following are the tools to be mastered.

3. shell script and another scripting language

Shell is required by O & M personnel. If you don't know how to connect to an enterprise, you must write at least some system management scripts. You must also write a script to monitor the CPU and memory ratio, this is the most basic thing. Don't think that you can write the guesses and calculate the numbers. It doesn't make any difference. Writing System scripts is the most meaningful thing, another scripting language is optional. Generally, it is 3 P, namely, Python, perl, php, and php. You do not need to consider it unless you want to develop it, damei personally suggested that learning python would be better, and it would be difficult to achieve automated O & M. perl is very powerful in text processing. Anyway, you just need to learn one of them.

4. sed and awk tools

You must master these two tools and grasp regular expressions. This is painful. Regular Expressions are the most difficult expressions to learn, but they will be very powerful when combined with sed and awk, it is very useful when processing text content and filtering WEB content. However, it is often used in combination with shell, so we will learn 3rd points by the way.

5. Text processing commands, Sort, tr, cut, paste, uniq, tee, etc. It must be learned together with the 3rd points.

6. Database

MySQL is the preferred choice. Don't ask me why I don't want to learn sqlserver and Oracle, because linux is definitely mysql at most, and addition, deletion, modification, and query are required. I want to learn it carefully. Other aspects may not be required, because O & M personnel use the most resources, which optimization and Development Statements won't be used by you.

7. Firewall

If you do not learn, firewall is also a difficult problem. If you have learned CCNA, you may learn more, because iptables also has NAT tables, the principle is the same, while the FILTER table is used the most. If you do not learn it, it will definitely fail.

8. monitoring tools

It is very important. I personally suggest that you learn these three items: cacti, nagios, and zibbix. Enterprises should use nagios and zibbix at most. Learn from them anyway, but nagios will be a little difficult, it is difficult to write automatic monitoring data using scripts.

9. clusters and hot standby

This is very important and you must understand it. But when you get to the company, you will not be able to get it, because the new users will not let you touch it. There are many cluster tools. It is best to learn LVS, which is required, it is best to learn more about nginx clusters, reverse proxies, and hot standby. More tools can be implemented. For example, if my company develops Hot Standby tools on its own, mysql Hot Standby also needs to be learned, it's just master-slave replication. It's not easy to tell me this. It's not easy to learn the entire process. It's just boring to follow it.

10. Data Backup

I can't do it without learning it. There are a lot of tools, but at least I need to understand the RAID principle. In particular, the most commonly used ones are 1 + 0 or 0 + 1. I have to do my own experiments. There are many backup tools, for example, tar, dump, and rsync.


It is enough for you to get started with these 10 points, because some technologies are hard to learn, such as some important technologies in apache and nginx, such as system optimization, service optimization, and program optimization, which are hard to learn before getting involved with work, so let's take these 10 points first, it is estimated that you should be familiar with the script for at least three months. It is hard for you to learn the script part. We recommend that you first learn the shell and then learn another script language after work, this will be better.

The above are the tools that linux O & M engineers need to master. In fact, there are still many tools to master, but it is very difficult for you to learn in the learning environment. In the end, let me remind you again, the tools mentioned here are equivalent to skills, rather than graphical tools like windows or ubuntu, which are useless. In addition, do not install a graphic interface when learning linux, so that virtual machines do not need to eat too much memory, we do not recommend that you install linux on a real machine to achieve the learning performance.

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