Linux Open FTP Account

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1. Update the Yum source

First, you need to update the system's Yum source, handy tool:

2. Installing VSFTP

Installing vsftp with the Yum command

#yum Install Vsftpd-y

3. Add FTP Account and directory

Check the position of the nologin first, usually under/usr/sbin/nologin or/sbin/nologin.

Create an account using the following command, which specifies the home directory where/alidata/www/wwwroot is the user pwftp, and you can define your account name and directory yourself:

#useradd-D/alidata/www/wwwroot-s/sbin/nologin pwftp

Modify the account password:

#passwd pwftp

Modify permissions for the specified directory

#chown-R Pwftp.pwftp/alidata/www/wwwroot

4. Configure Vsftp

Edit the Vsftp configuration file with the following command:


Change "Anonymous_enable=yes" in the configuration file to "Anonymous_enable=no"

Remove the comment symbol before the following configuration:

Anonymous_enable=yes//Allow anonymous users to log in.

Local_enable=yes// allow local users to log in

Write_enable=yes// Turn on global upload permissions.

Chroot_local_user=yes//Restrict users to access their own root directory only

If this is yes then the Chroot_list_user will not have to worry about, this is whether to turn on the "exception of the user"

If it is on, then configure the Chroot_list_file file, the user in the file is not restricted access to other directories of users.

If the chroot_local_user=no is the opposite, this is the user who needs to be restricted.

Save changes, press ESC, enter: WQ

5. Modify the shell configuration (not necessary)

VI Edit/etc/shells, if there is no/usr/sbin/nologin or/sbin/nologin in the file (depending on the current system configuration) is appended

6. Start the VSFTP service and test the login

To start the VSFTP service with a command:

#service vsftpd Start

Then use the Account PWFTP test whether you can login ftp. The directory is/alidata/www/wwwroot.

Linux Open FTP Account

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