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No matter what operating system you are running, in many cases, you will face disaster recovery operations. Your main boot area is overwritten, your hard drive cannot be started, or an important file is deleted, or your display card flashes when it is started on a black screen. This article will make some technical discussions on these issues, to help you in the face of these problems, do not be unprepared.

The first need is an emergency boot floppy disk, in the installation of Linux, the general will require the establishment of a, so you should have this disk, if not yet established, hurriedly to build a bar, what? Don't know how to do that? It's easy to use the Mkbootdisk command on a typical Linux system. The back of those parameters, just look at the help, it should be understood.

First Use

# uname-a

System prompts:

Linux Albertxu 2.2.16-2.0 #1 Sun may 16:53:41 EST 2001 i586 Unknown

To see the kernel version of the system. We know that the kernel version of the system is 2.2.16-2.0.

and then use

# Mkbootdisk--device/dev/fd0 2.2.16-2.0

System prompts:

Insert a disk in/dev/fd0. Any information on the disk would be lost.
Press to continue or ^c to abort:

Insert the disk and wait for a while until the disk is established. In this way, the emergency boot floppy is established.

In addition to adopting the above approach, another option is to use TOMSRTBT to create a boot floppy. First, introduce the installation steps for this program:

# gunzip tomsrtbt-1.7.218.tar.gz
# tar-xvf Tomsrtbt-1.7.218.tar
# RM Tomsrtbt-1.7.218.tar
# CD tomsrtbt-1.7.218/

According to the screen, the software uses a high-density compression method to compress multiple Linux tools onto a single 1.7 Mb floppy disk.

The default disk contains the following programs, drivers, and cores:

2.0.37 3c589_cs buslogic dec_elcp eexpress eexpress_pro EL2 EL3 EXT2 FAT FAT32 FD IDE idecd idefloppy idepcmcia idetape ISO9660 JOLIET LOOP math_emulation MINIX MSDOS NE2000 NFS PROC RAM SD serial SLIP SMC SR ST TR ULTRA VFAT Vortex wd80x3 A H152x_cs aha152x aha1542 aic7xxx ash awk badblocks bdflush bzip2 CardBus cardmgr cat ce chattr chgrp chmod chown C Hroot Clear CMP CP cpio cut date dd ddate debugfs df dirname dmesg ds du dumpe2fs e2fsck eata echo egrep Elvis emacs Exten D false Fdflush Fdformat fdisk fdomain filesize find findsuper fmt fsck.ext2 fsck.msdos grep gzip fstab head Halt Hostname i82365 ifconfig ifport ile init inittab insmod kill killall5 ksyms length less lilo lilo.conf Ln l Oadkeys login Losetup ls lsattr mawk md5sum memtest mingetty miterm mkdir mkdosfs mke2fs mkfifo Mkfs.minix Mklost+found mk Nod Mkswap mnsed more mount Mt MV NC ncr53c8xx nmclan_cs NTFS pax PCMCIA pcmcia_core pcnet_cs Ping plip PPA printf PS pwd Qlogic_cs Qlogicfas ReboOT rescuept Reset rm rmdir rmmod Route rsh rshd script scsi_info seagate sed serial_cs setserial sh slattach sleep slip sn ARF sort split stty swapoff swapon sync tail tar tcic tee telnet test touch tune2fs umount undeb Update vi WC

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