Linux Operations Learning Plan Book

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My name Roahon, after the old boy education ops 5-7 months study, I must achieve the salary target is 6K,

In order to achieve this goal I will take the following 10 major actions or scenarios:

1, adhere to the average daily study for more than 4 hours

2. Complete the preview before each class

3, complete after each lesson review summary (standardized Word document)

4, each lesson difficulty, focus through drawing memory

5, the teacher told each failure case fully understand and memorize

6, each software and architecture deployment document collation

7. Rapid deployment documentation for each software and architecture

8, the full understanding of the exam questions before each class and document collation

9, 150 common commands common parameters Chinese and English control memory

10. Communicate with tutors to understand the structure and working mode and content of learning reality work

Achieve goal reward: buy a high-profile desktop (continue learning)

Not up to target penalty: run 20-30 km/week

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Linux Operations Learning Plan Book

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