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Tom technology news us east time on September 30 (Beijing Time on October 1) according to market research firm Gartner published on Thursday the latest research report shows that with Microsoft's low-price windows program in all five countries debut, the battle between Microsoft and Linux Desktop OS is inevitable. In addition, Microsoft has firmly put the initiative in its own hands through price reduction measures.

As Microsoft announced on December 3, September 29 that it will launch Windows XP Starter Edition, a lite version in India in early 2005. So far, Microsoft's low-price windows program has all appeared in five countries, namely Thailand in Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Russia in Europe. Gartner, a market research firm, believes that Microsoft's move marks that the company's Windows operating system will compete fiercely in the emerging PC market and Linux operating system.

Gartner stressed that PC manufacturers are currently selling personal computers preinstalled with Linux operating systems in the above countries, simply worrying that Microsoft will increase the Windows operating system license fee in the above countries. Gartner believes that Microsoft has launched low-cost Windows operating systems in the above countries, mainly because Microsoft does not want to see new PCs in the above countries pre-installed with Linux operating systems.

Gartner pointed out in the report that 2/5 of PCs sold in the above five countries are pre-installed with Pirated Windows operating systems. Only one item can reduce the total cost of the PC by about 15%. Gartner believes that Microsoft has never realized that the number of desktops preinstalled with Linux operating systems is growing rapidly.

However, market analysts also pointed out that although the Linux operating system is free of charge, PC manufacturers are unlikely to pre-install the Linux operating system on the Production PC in large scale. Gartner said in the report that five aspects limit the large-scale adoption of the Linux operating system: first, the cost required for computer users to migrate from the Windows operating system to the Linux operating system; second, collaboration with other users; third, driver effectiveness; fourth, employees do not want to transfer from windows to Linux; fifth, high training costs. Market analysts believe that only when these costs are greatly reduced can mainstream users use the Linux operating system on a large scale.

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