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Linux programming video tutorial-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. Eager to learn the gospel of linux programmers!

This tutorial is a video tutorial by senior linux developers to learn linux programming!
It is suitable for developers with C language knowledge. Step by step, combining theory with practice
After learning this tutorial, you can reach the intermediate and advanced level of linux programming.

Advantages of this tutorial:
1. If you have basic C language but do not know about linux, you will be able to help you embark on the path of excellent linux programmers after learning this tutorial.
2. If you are already a professional unix programmer, this tutorial helps you easily switch to linux
3. If you are already a linux developer, you can easily complete various programming tasks by learning some new alternative system calls that are confusing and provided by the latest kernel.

Course description:
1. Getting Started
The Birth and Development of linux
Gnu Program
Posix standard
Development tools: vi and gcc
Posix Data Type
System Call return code
2. Process
Process attributes
Process Information
Basic process elements
Simple sub-process
Sessions and Process Groups
3. Simple File Management
File Mode
Basic File Operations
Query and modify Inode Information
Operation directory item
Operation file descriptor
4. Signal Processing
Signal Concept
Signal api
Real-Time Signal
Obtain signal information
5. Advanced file operations
Readv and writev
6. Directory operations
Current working directory
Change root directory
Create and delete directories
Read directory content
File Name Search
7. socket network
Network protocols
Practical Functions
Basic socket operations
Unix domain socket
TCP/IP protocol
Use udp datagram
Socket Error
Old network functions
8. Time
Get time and date
Time and date Representation
Time conversion, formatting, and parsing
Time Limit
Use Timer
Interval Timer
9. Hash-based database function library
Read records
Modify Database

One dvd for each tutorial. Send an email to obtain the sample.
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