Linux PS Command Logging

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PS Command: View current system process status

Ps-a Show All current processes
Ps-ax shows no control of the terminal process
Ps-u better viewing the user better process
PS Aux|less filtering processes via CPU and memory
PS aux--sort-pcpu in ascending order based on CPU
PS aux--sort-pmem sorted in ascending order based on memory usage
Ps-aux--sort-pcpu,+pmem|head-n 10 synthesis to sort, showing top 10 results
Ps-c sshd Lookup sshd Process
Ps-f-C sshd View sshd detailed process information
Ps-l 1213 viewing threads for a particular process
PS-AXJF tree-shaped structure display process (Prtree)
PS-E listing programs, displaying program environment variables

Note: PS aux

User: Process Owner
%CPU: CPU Usage consumed
%MEM: Percentage of physical memory used by the process
VSZ: The amount of virtual memory occupied
RSS: The amount of memory consumed
TTY: Secondary device number for the terminal (minor device numbers of TTY)
STAT: The status of the trip:
D: Non-interruptible static
R: Executing in progress
S: Stationary state
T: Pause execution
Z: Not present but cannot be eliminated temporarily
W: Not enough memory paging to allocate
<: High-priority stroke
N: Low-priority stroke
L: Memory paged out and locked in memory
Start: Process Start time
Time: When it was executed
Command: the command executed

1 ps aux--sory pcpu

1 PS aux--sort-pmem 2 3 Memory occupancy rate sequencing

It's more practical to find out how it feels.

1 " SSH " 2 3 "

Linux PS Command Logging

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