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Linux release. Credit Card (subjective)-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. After a few wandering times, my final destination is Ubuntu. Some may laugh at me as Lu Bu from the late Qin Dynasty. I said, no, I am Liu Xuande from everywhere, and finally found the place of Chengdu.

In history, the three most popular releases were: Hongqi 4.1, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10.0, and Red Hat Linux 9.0 (sorted by time ). In the end, I firmly chose Ubuntu.

I use two PCs, one is a desktop machine and the other is a desktop machine. The former has been equipped with Ubuntu October since 6.06, and the latter has been equipped with SLED 10.0 recently.

I still have feelings for this SLED. It was a cold winter in. I went to work and started my computer at home for a day, consuming countless ears of energy and several RMB for electricity. In the end, I spent some blood on it and carved it into a DVD (I purchased 10 empty weibao brand DVDs in May, so far I have used 5 ). The most precious and priceless thing is the personalization of it, and the side-by-side battles that have taken place. Add a tool bar, install software packages, set shortcuts, set logon sound, and specify the desktop background. Install mplayer, install xmame, and install smart (install software in SLED far from Ubuntu ); use professional development tools such as NS2. vim and eclipse to compile various programs ...... my feelings for it are the same as those of <grand voyage 4> ihang haishi for ships.

However, after all, I am an adult citizen who attaches great importance to practicality and cannot be shackled by children's feelings. As a result, I decided to clear the SLED and change it to practical Ubuntu. The current version is Ubuntu 7.10, and I will continue to upgrade it later. Affected by this storm, I replaced Ubuntu 6.06 (32bit), which has been in service on the host machine for more than a year, with Ubuntu 7.10 (AMD 64). This host machine is AMD 64 like Phoenix, it was a pity that the 64-bit software was not rich at the time, so it had to sink into the form of a chicken so far, the time is ripe, it is time to let the cloud off the wind!

I have used many releases, including Red Hat 9.0, Red Flag Desktop 4.0, Red Hat desktop 4.1, Red Hat 7.3, Fedora Core 3.0, openSuSE 10.0, and Ubuntu 6.06, SLED 10.0, Everest 0.2, Everest 0.3, and Everest 0.4. Finally, I chose the most practical Ubuntu. In the KDE and GNOME schools, I chose GNOME overwhelming.

For credit cards, I have tried China Merchants Bank (standard card, doradream, jiuyou, Ctrip), Pudong Development Bank (standard), Bank of China (city, Air China), and China Citic Bank (standard ), everbright Bank (Fuka, Olympics) and guangfa Bank (true feelings ). In the face of this colorful credit card with different merits, I finally chose guangfa Zhenqing card and Zhaoxing jiuyou card.

(For readers, note: Linux is the name of the computer operating system kernel and is an open source software. Related companies and social groups can include the kernel software into an immediately available OS software package for users. This package is called a Linux release, distribution/distro, also known as the release package. Common releases include Ubuntu, Fedora Core, OpenSuSE, and red-flag Linux)
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