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We know that under Windows we can use Remote Desktop Connection to control other computers,

But Linux Remote Desktop Connection?

But before you say how to connect, you have to be clear about a concept, why my title is not used in Linux Remote Desktop Connection,

This is because the desktop below Linux, which is what we call x Window, is just an application under Linux,

So the remote connection in Linux is divided into two kinds of shell and X desktop Connection.

First of all, through SSH (Secure shell) to connect to the shell under Linux, if the operating platform is under Windows,

You can download the SSH client tool to connect to Linux, such as the most commonly used putty, where you can download:

After running, as shown in the figure:

Enter your Linux host IP, the default port is 22, and then click Open,

The login interface will appear, enter username and password::

The login process is complete.

If your client also uses Linux, that's more convenient, direct input:

SSH-L username [Address of the remote host] connection,

The first connection will allow you to confirm, enter Yes, and then enter the password on the line.

In fact, through the SSH connection, we have been completely able to remotely manage the host,

But sometimes it's necessary to do something under X window,

The next step is to say how to remotely connect to the Linux desktop.

Normally we connect remotely using the configuration XDm (X Display Manager) and VNC.

What I want to say here is to use VNC to implement remote connections.

To mention VNC, we must not be unfamiliar, it is a 踌 platform of remote control software,

With Linux installed on its server side, we can connect through the client.

Installation is not much said, completed at the prompt input:


Even if it's started, pay attention to the number 1, and use it when you connect later.

This way the VNC server is started, and if you run Vncserver for the first time, you will be asked to enter your access password.

If you are connecting Linux under the Windows platform, then the client that installs VNC directly is OK,

That is, install the Vncviewer, the installation completes after the start:

Enter access password, return:

The connection was successful.

If your operating platform is Linux, then enter at the prompt:

Vncviewer ip:x (x is an identifier), you can connect.

There is also a situation, if the Linux host to connect to Windows, in addition to using VNC,

In Linux there is a toolkit similar to Remote Desktop in Windows, and that is Rdesktop, which is entered at the prompt:

Rdesktop IP is OK. In addition, you start with the Gnome Tools menu:

Enter IP, username and password, if there is no domain, leave blank, and then connect, and XP desktop, it is very convenient, by the way, if you want to connect the Linux host is located in the LAN, do not forget to do port mapping, if you use SSH to map 22 to the host, if it is connected with VNC, It will be based on your identification, such as 1 in this example, mapping port 5901, and so on.

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