Linux Replication Directory error cp:omitting directory solution

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Copy directory to another directory in Linux system, error when using CP command

1, in the/home/directory, create a new directory, such as: 123

2, copy directory 123 to the/tmp/directory, using the CP command

3, the system error, cp:omitting directory ' 123 '

4, using the Cp-r command to replicate (note: CP command By default can not replicate the directory, need to add parameter-R).

5, view copy results, directory 123 has been replicated successfully.

6, note: CP parameters

-A This option is usually used when copying directories. It retains the link, file attributes, and recursively copies the directory, which is equal to the combination of the DPR option.

-D Keep links when copying.

-F Deletes an existing destination file without prompting.

-I and F options, in contrast, will be prompted to confirm the user before overwriting the target file. When you answer y, the target file is overwritten and is an interactive copy.

-P In addition to copying the contents of the source file, the CP will also copy the modification time and access rights to the new file.

-R If the source file given is a directory file, the CP will recursively replicate all subdirectories and files in the directory. The destination file must be a directory name at this time.

-L do not copy, just link file.


1, the CP-A command can also complete directory replication.

2, Format cp-r directory name new directory name.

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