Linux Reset root user password

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Forgot your password. It's the norm! How to change? Look down!!

The root user password for Linux maximum permissions forgot? What do you do, redo the system? Of course, you can do this!!! However, in a production environment 、。。。。。。 Are you okay? Answer: No (with mention: even during the learning process, it is recommended that you also play according to the production environment (Linux)

Beginner linux,root Password Forgotten, the first time to play!!


Operation Steps:

Restart Linux, then press any key (except: Enter, Space), select the operating system you forgot your password to boot,

Press "E", (actually, the abbreviation for edit)

Up/down to switch, select, your system kernal items, I have a total of three items, the choice is the second item,

Press "E" again, add 1 or single at the end, press ENTER, return to the previous interface automatically,

Press "B", the system will be restarted in single user mode, enter the system, enter the "passwd" command, and then enter a new password, confirm the password.


This blog has been very good to say.

But I need to add a little something:

I use Centos6.5, kernel: 2.6.32-431.e16.i686, press the keyboard e,b, always can't!!!!!!

Later found, the keyboard to open the capitalization function. When it's closed, it'll be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Linux Reset root user password

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