Linux Rights Management

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Three basic permissions

R Read permission (read)

W Write permission (write)

X Execute permission (execute)

1. Rights Management

1th bit: File type (d directory,-normal file, L link file)

第2-4位: The owning user right, denoted by U (user)

第5-7位: The owning group permission, expressed in G (Group)

第8-10位: Other user rights, denoted by O (other)

第2-10位: Represents all permissions, denoted by a (all)

Full information: A file, the user has read and write permissions, the owning group has read and write permissions, no execution permissions;

2. Change Operation permissions

chmod modify File Permissions command (change mode)

Parameter:-r file and subdirectory do the same permissions operation (recursive recursive)

Example: chmod u+x a.txt

Use numbers to represent permissions (r=4,w=2,x=1,-=0)

3.RPM Package Management

RPM is an abbreviation for the Redhat Package Manager (Redhat Packages management tool), a file format name that, although Redhat, is open-ended and now includes Redhat, CentOS, Distributed versions of Linux, such as SuSE, are used, and are recognized as industry standards. RPM files are easiest to install on Linux systems

4.RPM command Use

Common parameters for rpm

I: Installing the Application (install)

E: Uninstalling the application (erase)

VH: Show installation progress; (verbose hash)

U: Upgrade package; (update)

QA: Show all installed packages (query all) with the grep command

5.Linux Network Configuration


Modify hostname = Zhuoshi

Set the relationship between hostname and IP


IP hostname

Enter the hostname command to view

Restart machine required after setting hostname

Corresponding problem: MySQL link corresponds to hostname, IP modification only need to modify the Hosts file

Linux Rights Management

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