Linux SCP command (copying files between hosts and servers)

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SCP is secure copy, a command used to remotely copy files in Linux.
Sometimes we need to obtain a file on the remote server. This server is neither configured with an FTP server nor shared. When files cannot be obtained through conventional channels, you only need to use the simple SCP command to achieve the goal.

1. Copy local files to a remote server

# SCP/home/Administrator/news.txt root@

/Home/Administrator/absolute path of the local file
Copy news.txt to a local file on the server
Root log on to the remote server using the root user (other users with the same permissions can also be used)
IP address of the remote server (domain name or machine name can also be used)
/Etc/squid: copy the local file to the path on the remote server

Log on to the remote server as the root user and enter yes to agree to create an SSH connection.

Enter the root user password as prompted

After the connection is established, the file is transmitted, showing the percentage, actual time, transmission speed, and other information.

2. Copy files on the remote server to the Local Machine

# SCP sh/home/Administrator

Remote users can log on to the remote server (other users with the same permissions can also be used)
Domain Name of the remote server (the IP address of the server can also be used)
/Usr/local/sin. Sh file to be copied to the local Remote Server
/Home/Administrator copy the remote file to the local absolute path

1. If the remote server firewall has special restrictions, SCP must go through the special port. The specific port used depends on the situation. The command format is as follows:
# SCP-P 4588 sh/home/Administrator
2. When using SCP, pay attention to whether the user has the permission to read the corresponding files on the remote server.


Make sure that the SSH service is enabled on the remote Linux server. SCP seems to be a command in SSH.

You can first try to log on to SSH username @ remoteserver through SSH.

If you confirm that SSH is available, enter exit to exit.

For example, I want to test all the files from the/etc folder of remoteserver to the local/tmp/etc folder.

SCP-r username @ remoteserver:/etc/tmp/etc

For example, to test all the files from the/etc/a.txt file of remoteserver to the local/tmp/etcfile, a.txt is also called.

SCP username @ remoteserver:/etc/a.txt/tmp/etc/a.txt

Besides, this parameter-R is used in many places. For example, CP can only copy files instead of folders, but CP-R is omnipotent and can copy everything, files or folders.

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