Linux screensaver Cancellation

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Linux screensaver Cancellation
By default, the screen saver is enabled for ubuntu in 10 minutes. I use ubuntu server12.04, because there is no desktop, only commands can be used. As follows: setterm-blank 0 // disable the screen saver setterm-blank 1 // after 1 minute, the screen saver settern is a built-in command. The function is quite powerful and can be viewed by setterm -- help. For example, setterm-dump 1 // obtain the information of Screen 1. To obtain the information of screen 2, setterm-dump 2. However, the above command to disable screen saver only applies to this screen. I have not found any file about Screen Saver settings. If the x gui is installed, run the xset command, for example, xset-dpms // disable screen saver xset + dpms // restore the usage of Screen Saver. You can view the xset -- help Command.
You can use the xset command to set items:
Xset s 300 # set the screen saver time to 300 seconds, in seconds
Xset s 0 # disable screen protection
Xset s off
Xset dpms 600 900 1200 # the three values are Standby, Suspend, and Off. The unit is second.
Xset-dpms # power off Management

You can also edit xorg. conf.
Add the following lines to the ServerLayerOut field:

Option "BlankTime" "5" # note that the time value here is minute
Option "StandbyTime" "10"
Option "SuspendTime" "15"
Option "OffTime" "20"

If the time value is set to 0, this item is disabled,

The results are the same. You can use xset-q to view the settings.

Xset B 0 can close the ringtone under X
Xset B off is the same

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