Linux Server Security Configuration and Security Protection Manual

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Apache1. Hide ServerTokens ProductOnlyServerSignature Off or ServerTokens ProdServerSignature Off2. Disable symbolic link 3. Run nobody4 with a specific user and specify the listening port and ip address (for example, you do not need to provide services with multiple ip addresses) 5. root directory permissions 6. mod_security is an open-source web Application Security Program (or web application firewall) that integrates intrusion detection and defense engine functions ). it runs as an Apache Web server module to enhance the security of web applications and prevent known or unknown attacks on web applications. 7. mod_evasive is a DDOS protection module of the Apache (httpd) server. Its modules 8 and mod_cband can restrict the bandwidth of users and virtual hosts. Including: bandwidth limit, maximum download speed, access Request speed per second and maximum number of concurrent ip address connections PHP1, hide version number 2, disable remote file function 3, improve program Security 4, Do Not Display Error information, enable the global variable sed-I's/expose_php = On/expose_php = Off/G'/home/system/php/lib/php. inised-I's/allow_url_fopen = On/allow_url_fopen = Off/G'/home/system/php/lib/php. inised-I's/magic_quotes_gpc = Off/magic_quotes_gpc = On/G'/home/system/php/lib/php. inised-I's/display_errors = On/display_errors = Off/G'/home/system/php/lib/php. inised-I's/register_globals = On/register_globals = Off/G'/home/system/php/lib/php. ini5, php-ids6, use Suhosin to enhance PHP scripting language Security Mysql1. modify the root user password, delete the empty password 2. delete default database and database users. 3. run msyql4using an independent user. Disable remote connection to the database (activate a specific IP address as needed. limit the number of connected users

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