Linux Server ssh password-free login

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Assume that there are three servers with IP,,, respectively.

    1. Modify the Hosts file

Modify the Hosts file (vi/etc/hosts) for each of the three servers, respectively,

Added in the Hosts file node101 node102 node103

2. Generate the public and private keys on the 101 machine


    • Enter will prompt for the public and private key storage location, directly enter the default is in the home directory
    • Prompt for password and Confirm password, in order to SSH access process without password directly enter


3. Copy the generated file from 101 to the same directory in 102

Because of the Hadoop users I used on 101, the generated file directory is also used in the/home/hadoop directory, on 102, with Hadoop user operations

Copy the/home/hadoop/id_rsa.put file on 101 to the/home/hadoop directory of 102

4. Create the. SSH directory on 102
    • Check that the/home/hadoop directory on 102 exists. SSH folder (ls not displayed, direct CD. SSH), if not present, create the. SSH directory and set the permissions to the (mkdir-m=700.ssh)
    • Copy the file to the Authorized_keys file in the. SSH directory (cp Ssh/authorized_keys)
    • The permission to set the Authorized_keys file is 664 (chmod 644. Ssh/authorized_keys)
5.ssh Access

SSH node102

(I configured the 103)

6. Multiple machine deployments

This procedure only configures 101 to 103 password-free login, if you also need to configure 102 to 103 password-free login, only need to repeat step 102 on the 2 machine, and then append the contents of the generated file to the end of the 103 Authorized_keys file.

Linux Server ssh password-free login

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