Linux Service Chapter VII: MySQL master-slave principle and architecture configuration

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Linux Service Chapter VII: MySQL engine understanding, master-Slave principle and architecture configuration

One,MySQL engine understand

MyISAM engine

The default table type, which is based on the traditional ISAM type, ISAM is an abbreviation for indexedsequential access method (indexed sequential access methods). It is a standard way to store records and files. Not transactional security, and foreign keys are not supported, and if you perform a large number of select, MyISAM is more appropriate.

InnoDB engine

A transaction-safe engine that supports foreign keys, row locks, and transactions is his greatest feature. InnoDB was originally developed by Innobase Oy Company, which was acquired by Oracle in October 2005 and is currently licensed under dual license, one licensed under the GPL and one commercially licensed. If you have a large number of update and insert, it is recommended to use InnoDB, especially for multiple concurrency and high QPS scenarios.

Generally speaking:

InnoDB and MyISAM are the two most common table types used in MySQL, each with its pros and cons, depending on the application.

The basic differences are:

1.MyISAM types do not support advanced processing, such as transactional processing, and InnoDB type support .

2. MyISAM types of tables emphasize performance, which is performed more quickly than the InnoDB type , but does not provide transactional support , while InnoDB provides transactional support for advanced database functions such as external keys.

3, MyI SAM fit Hopewell: (1) Do a lot of Count calculation , (2) insert infrequently, query very frequently ; (3) No business .

4,InnoDB suitable: (1) reliability requirements are relatively high , or require transactions, (2) table updates and queries are fairly frequent , and table locking opportunities are relatively large .

View the Database engine

In general, MySQL will provide a variety of storage engines by default, which can be viewed through the following:

1. See what storage is now available for MySQL engine : mysql> Show Engines


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Linux Service Chapter VII: MySQL master-slave principle and architecture configuration

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