Linux Shared library Path configuration

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An error occurred today when using the AB Stress test tool on a test server

Ab:error while loading shared open Shared object file:no such file or directory

Query the data, found that the reason is that the correct shared library path could not be found.


Linux Shared library Path configuration

/etc/ file


1. Add the search path and update using the Ldconfig command.


After opening the file, the content is


To this file actually contains all the. conf files in this directory of/etc/, so we can create a new file under this path with the words "/usr/local/lib", "/usr/local/mysql/ Lib "Path,

I created a mylib.conf file,

I used the where command to find the within the/usr/lib64 directory, so I wrote/usr/lib64 in Mylib.conf,

Saves the Save exit.

Remember to take the initiative to execute the command: ldconfig, which updates the cache file that records what so files are in the system (/etc/

2. Create a soft connection to the required library file

Due to the error in the hint need, and/usr/lib64 only, so I created a a soft connection: Ln-s./

Execute AB again, yes.

Linux Shared library Path configuration

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