Linux shell Programming Notes-Common find and xargs__ block chains

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The Find command tool is used to locate files in the directory (or even the entire file system), search Path_name-option [-print-exec-ok] #find的一般格式; 1, Find command Options (-option) 1.1. Find files and directories by name (-name):cb@standalone14:~/documents$ find. -name "cb*"-print #在当前目录下, look for the beginning of CB documents and directories; 1.2, according to file modification time to find files and directories (-mtime):cb@standalone14:~/documents$ find. -mtime-2-print #在当前目录下, find files and directories modified within 2 days; cb@standalone14:~/documents$. -mtime +5-print #在当前目录下 to find files and directories modified 5 days ago; 1.3. Find files or directories according to file type (-type):Find. -type D-print #在当前目录下, find all directories; 1.4. Use exec and OK in Find to execute shell command:cb@standalone14:~/documents$ find.     -type f-exec ls-l {} \; #在当前目录下, locate all the files, and then execute the ls-l command; cb@standalone14:~/documents$ find.    -name "Myfile2"-ok rm {} \; #用安全模式ok, find files and delete files; < RM .... /shellt/myfile2 >?    Yes root@standalone14:/home/cb/documents# find/etc-name "passwd*"-type f-exec grep "cb" {} \; #查找文件 and through grep to see if there are any lines in the file that contain CB. 2, XargsXargs the results of find to the shell command, to avoid the process of consuming the resources of the machine. cb@standalone14:~/documents$ find. -type F-print | Xargs file #查找当前目录下, all files, and then view the files type of these files.
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