Linux Shell Script Raiders notes chapter II: Common Commands

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Linux Shell Script Raiders notes Chapter II: Common Commands1. Cat cat-s//Multiple blank lines compressed into one cat *.txt | Tr-s ' \ n '//Remove blank line Cat-n//Gach No. 2, find goes down the file hierarchy, matches the qualifying file, and performs the appropriate action. Eg:find./! -name "*.txt"-print[[email protected] program_test]# find./-type f-name "*.SWP"-delete

3. Xargs converts standard input data into command line parameters. [email protected] program_test]# Cat OUT.txt | Xargs//Convert a single line to multiple lines
[email protected] program_test]# Cat OUT.txt | Xargs-n 3//Convert a single line to multiple lines, with a number of 3 per row.
Count the number of lines of code for. C and. cpp files. Xargs-0 the delimiter. [[email protected] program_test]# find. -type f-name "*.c*"-print0 | xargs-0 wc-l
119 Total
The command (abbreviated by translate) can replace, delete, and compress characters from standard input. That is, change a set of characters to another set of characters. 1) Replace echo "HELLO" | tr [A-z] [a-z]2] delete [[email protected] program_test]# echo "Hello 123 World 456" | tr-d ' 0-9 ' Hello World 3) compressed characters [[email protected] program_test]# echo "GNU is not UNIX" | Tr-s "
GNU is not unix//comprehensive example [[email protected] program_test]# cat Sum.txt
[email protected] program_test]# Cat Sum.txt | Echo $[$ (tr ' \ n ' + ') 0]
5. MD5 Check[Email protected] program_test]# md5sumOUT.txt > Out.txt.md5
[email protected] program_test]# cat OUT.TXT.MD5
Fd46d559bf0c90170fef3da3c3de4c67 OUT.txt

Eg:[[email protected] program_test]# find./-type f-name "*.txt"-print0 | xargs-0 md5sum >> curr_dir.md546e17910faf509df48dbfba9729ef018./banana.txt
[Email protected] program_test]# md5sum-c CURR_DIR.MD5
6. Sort sort//sort by 2nd column [[email protected] program_test]# sort-k 2 sort.txt
4 Bad 5000
3 Linux 50
1 Mac 2000
2 WinXP 100//sort Reverse order
[Email protected] program_test]# sort-r sort.txt
4 Bad 5000
3 Linux 50
2 WinXP 100
1 Mac 2000
General Example: Count the number of occurrences of each character in a string [email protected] program_test]#./
[email protected] program_test]# cat
input= "AHEBHAAA"
output=$ (echo $INPUT | sed ' s/[^. /&\n/g ' | Sed '/^$/d ' | Sort | uniq-c | Tr-d ' \ n ')
Echo $output

[Interpretation]: sed ' s/[^. /&\n/g '//any one character is followed by \ n Split as follows: [[email protected] program_test]# input= "AHEBHAAA"
[Email protected] program_test]# echo $input | Sed ' s/[^. /&\n/g '

Sed '/^$/d '//delete blank line uniq-c//Count the number of occurrences of each line of text. tr-d ' \ n '//Remove line breaks and space characters
7. Temporary file name [[email protected] program_test]# temp_file= "/tmp/var.$$"
[Email protected] program_test]# echo $temp _file
/tmp/ var.16565

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Linux Shell Script Raiders notes chapter II: Common Commands

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