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(1) tree-a display all files and directories

(2) tree-d display directory name rather than content

(3) Tree-f displays the full relative path name before each file or directory

(4) Tree-f in the execution of files, directories, sockets, symbolic connections, pipe name names, each plus "*", "/", "=", "@", "|" Resolution

(5) Tree-r in reverse order

(6) Tree-t of file and directory change time

(7) tree-l n shows only n-tier directories (n is a number)

(8) The Tree-dirsfirst directory appears before the file appears in the Post

(9) Parameters that can be added
-a displays a tree chart instead of an ASCII character combination using Asni drawing characters.
-C adds color to the list of files and directories, making it easy to distinguish between various types.
-D lists the time the file or directory was changed.
-G to list the group name of the file or directory, and the group identifier is displayed when there is no corresponding name.
-I does not list file or directory names in a ladder.
-I does not display a file or directory name that conforms to the template style.
-l lists the original directory that the connection points to if it encounters a directory of a symbolic connection of a character.
-N does not add color to file and directory listings.
-N lists file and directory names directly, including control characters.
-p lists the permission flags.
-P displays only the file or directory name that conforms to the template style.
-Q with "?" Number replaces the control character and lists the file and directory names.
-s lists the file or directory size.
-U Lists the owner name of the file or directory, and the user ID is displayed when there is no corresponding name.
-X limits the scope to the existing file system, and if certain subdirectories under the specified directory reside on another file system, the subdirectory is excluded from the search scope.

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