Linux Shutdown and restart commands

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Commands for the Linux Shimonoseki and reboots are shutdown, reboot, Halt, Poweroff, init. Let's take a look at how these commands are used.

1, Shutdown: In fact, shutdown execution shutdown is by calling Init to perform shutdown or restart, requires Inti change the RunLevel: Init 0 is shutdown, init 1 restarts. Note that the shutdown command requires root to execute.

Use format:

shutdown [OPTION] ... Time [MESSAGE]

- c//When the "shutdown-h 11:50" command is executed, the shutdown instruction can be interrupted by pressing the + key.
-f//reboot does not execute fsck.
-f//Restart when fsck is executed.
-H//Turn the system off.
-k//simply sends out information to all users, but does not actually shut down.
-N//Do not call the INIT program to shut down, but by shutdown itself.
-R//shutdown after reboot.
Number of seconds to delay between-t < seconds >//Send warning message and delete information.
[TIME]//set how long after the execution of the shutdown instruction.
[WARNING message]//information to be transmitted to all logged-in users.

2, Reboot:halt and Poweroff command is actually reboot soft connection

Use format:

Reboot [OPTION] ...

Halt [OPTION] ...

Poweroff [OPTION] ...

-d// reboot does not write data to the record file /var/tmp/wtmp

-F// Force reboot, do not invoke the function of shutdown instruction.

-H// before the system shuts down or Poweroff , put all the hard drives in standby mode

- I.// shut down network settings and restart the system

-N// save data and restart the system

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Linux Shutdown and restart commands

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