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Network Connection Program SSHPowering Linux

What is SSH

   SSH(Secure Shell) is a secure network connection program, it allows you to connect to other computers on the Internet, execute programs on other computers, copy files between computers, and it can even provide you with a more secure x connection, all of which are done under coded protection. That is to say, install SSHThen you can turn off the unsafe telnet and FTP.

Why to use SSH

The functions mentioned above, the early BSD supplied R instructions (rsh, rlogin, RCP) are almost complete, so why use SSH? The reason is that the connection provided by the R directive is not encoded, and a conscientious person can intercept every word you enter, including the password, with the right tools. If you use X protocol to perform X programs on the remote machine, you can also intercept the data you transmit and, of course, include the password. and SSHThese weaknesses were made up to encode the transmitted data.

SSH2 and SSH1

SSH2 to the SSH1 code made a large rewrite, according to the SSHThe company said that SSH2 98% of the program code and SSH1 is not the same. In addition to the RSA method provided by SSH1, SSH2 also provides additional public key coding and gold key exchange methods, SSH2 the use of DSA encoding and Diffie-hellman Gold Key exchange. In addition, also provides the SFTP, enables us to be safe in the FTP aspect.

File Download: ftp://ftp. SSH. com/pub/ SSH/; SSH-1.2.31.tar.gz 1MB for Linux server; 5MB for Win32 Client

Installation Environment: Redhat 7.0

1, after downloading the file to extract

Tar zxvf SSH-1.2.31.tar.gz

2, start compiling, installation

Cd SSH-1.2.31;



make install;

3, edit/etc/rc.d/rc.local to join/USR/SBIN/SSHD in order to boot automatically.

4. Complete

If you are 2 Linux to be connected to the installation of this program, if the Windows system to even Linux will be installed for the WINXX program. Winxx part Please try it yourself.

How Linux is used

/usr/bin/ SSH-l username

Then enter the password, even after the general text interface, you can start using.

Other than that SSHYou can use root login directly.

Note: You can edit/etc/hosts.deny and/etc/hosts.allow if you want to restrict the incoming IP.

Examples are as follows:






#开放111.222.333.444 Use SSHConnection


1, Linux for Linux Transfer File

Uploading: SCP wrong.php bha@

At this time will ask you the password, enter the password.


SCP is an instruction

Wrong.php is the filename on the local side

bha@ is the remote user name and IP

Finally remember that the colon must be added, which is the remote home directory.

Next pass: SCP bha@


Use the SCP to copy the wrong.php of the bha@ directory to the current directory (that is.)

2, win on Linux Transfer File

LS: That's dir.

ET: Next Transfer File

Put: Upload file

Exit: Quit FTP Program

directive: Psftp-x86

Then ask the name password and do not generate encryption key values, and then use put and get to go up and down Transfer File

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