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? VMware Virtual Machine software applications
? Linux System Installation settings
? remote Login Management tool Introduction

About VMware

VMware is a Virtual PC software that can create a new hardware environment on an existing operating system, equivalent to simulating a new PC to actually run two separate operating systems on a single machine at the same time.

VMware official website http://www.vmware.com

About VMware

Key Features of VMware:
1. You can use more than two operating systems on the same PC without partitioning or re-booting
2, the native system can communicate with the virtual machine system network
3, can be set and modify the virtual machine operating system hardware environment at any time

File system Structure

Zoning planning

Necessary partitions:
1. Root partition/
2. Swap partition
Other partitions can be divided as needed

Password settings

1, more than eight digits, size sub-letter, number, symbol combination
2. Easy to Remember
Example of a qualified password: [email protected]
3. Regular replacement

Remote Login Administration Tool

command-line Remote Administration Tools:

After the user logs on successfully, the system defaults to the main prompt,
The normal user is "$"; Superuser root is "#".
There are two ways for users to exit the system:
1) Type the command: Exit or Logout
2) at the prompt, press the CTRL+D key combination

"Linux-Study Notes"

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