"Linux Summary" linux command learning Three

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Character processing commands: tr--convert or delete characters


Conversions are not words, but characters are converted one by one

-D: Delete all characters that appear in the character set

Eg:tr AB AB

Bash Extreme Features

Shell: Shell




    1. Command history

    2. Management, redirection

    3. Command aliases

    4. Command line editing

    5. Command line expansion

    6. File name wildcard

    7. Variable

    8. Edit

Command line editing

Cursor Jump:

CTRL + A: Jump command header

ctrl+e: Jump command line End

ctrl+u: Delete the cursor to the beginning of the command line

ctrl+k: Delete the cursor to the end of the command line

ctrl+l: Clear Screen

Command history:

View command history: Historical

-C: Empty command history

-D OFFSET [n]: Delete command at specified position

-W: Error command history in history file

The use of command history tips

!n: Executes the nth command in the command history

!-n: Executes the last nth command in the command history

!! : Executes the previous command

!string: The most recent command in the command history that starts with a specified string

!$: Reference the last parameter of the previous command

ESC,.: Ibid.

ALT +.: Ibid.

Command aliases

Alias:alias [-P] [Name[=value] ...]

Aliases defined in the shell are valid only for the current shell life cycle, and the valid range of aliases is only the current shell process;

Ualias Cmdalias Deleting aliases

Command substitution: $ (commands), Counter-reference: ' Command '

To replace a subcommand in a command with the process of executing the result

Bash quotation marks for titles

": Command substitution

"": weak reference, can implement variable substitution

': Strong reference, can not implement variable substitution

File name wildcard, globbing

*: Any character of any length

?: any single character

[]: matches any single character within the specified range

[: Alnum:] : Numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters

[: Alpha:]: Uppercase and lowercase letters

[: Blank:]:

[: Cntrl:]:

[:d igit:]: Number

[: Graph:]

[: Lower:]: lowercase letters

[:p rint:]

[:p UNCT:]: Punctuation

[: Space:]: white space character

[: Upper:]: Uppercase

[: Xdigit:]

[^]: matches any single character outside the specified range

"Linux Summary" linux command learning Three

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