Linux-swap Size Change and optimization

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Swap size Change

Assuming the current system swap size is 4GB, you want to increase the swap size to 5GB.

The steps are as follows:

View current swap size


Increase the 1GBswap size, assuming the file path and name:/snow/swapfile, execute the following command

DD If=/dev/zero of=/snow/swapfile bs=1m count=1024

Create swap, the file size is 1GB after successful creation


Activate swap


Set the swap security permission to 600

chmod 600/snow/swapfile

Use the free-h command to check that the swap size has been updated successfully


If you want to change back to the original swap size, execute the following command


Use free-h again to see that the value of swap has been changed back to the original 4GB Swap-Optimized file/proc/sys/vm/swappiness, the value inside represents the ratio of physical memory. If 20, indicates that physical memory is used for 80% of the time to temporarily adjust the size of the value of the swap space-assuming that the value of 10 to execute the following command

Sysctl vm.swappiness=10


echo >/proc/sys/vm/swappiness

Permanent adjustment:

vim/etc/sysctl.conf Add a line: vm.swappiness=10

Linux-swap Size Change and optimization

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