Linux system Copy File/folder-CP command usage

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Name: CP

Use Rights: All users
How to use:
CP [Options] Source Dest
CP [options] source ... directory
Note: Copy one file to another file or copy several files to another directory.
-A,--archive equals-dr--preserve=all

--backup[=control Create a backup for each existing target file

-B is similar to--backup but does not accept parameters

--copy-contents in recursive processing is the copying of special file contents

-D equals--no-dereference--preserve=links

-F,--force remove the target file if it cannot be opened and try again (when-n option

Does not need to be selected when it is present

-I,--interactive before overwriting (invalidates the previous-n option)

-H follow the command line symbolic link in the source file

-L,--link linked file without copying

-L,--dereference always follow symbolic links

-N,--no-clobber do not overwrite existing files (make the previous-I option invalid)

-P,--no-dereference does not follow symbolic links in source files

-P equals--preserve= mode, ownership, timestamp

The--preserve[= property list retains the specified property (default: Mode, ownership, timestamp), if

May retain additional properties: environment, links, xattr, etc.

-R, R,--recursive copy all items in directory and directory


Copying files, copying files only if the source file is newer than the destination file's modification time
Cp-u-V file1 file2

. copy file file1 to file File2
CP file1 File2

. interactively copy file file1 into a file file2
Cp-i file1 file2

Copy the file file1 to File2 because the destination file already exists, so specify the mode to use forced replication
Cp-f file1 file2

. copy directory Dir1 into a directory Dir2
Cp-r file1 file2

. Also copy files File1, file2, File3, and directory Dir1 to Dir2
Cp-r file1 file2 file3 dir1 dir2

. preserve file properties when copying
Cp-p a.txt tmp/

. Preserve the directory structure of files when replicating

. Generate backup files when replicating
Cp-b a.txt tmp/

The backup file is generated when copying, and the tail-label ~1~ format
Cp-b-V T a.txt/tmp

. Specify the tail label of the backup file
Cp-b-S _bak a.txt/tmp

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